Odobritev pomoči MDS pomaga zambijski kvači prevzeti položaj ruskega rublja kot najuspešnejše valute na svetu

After the International Money Fund revealed it had approved a bailout package for Zambia, the Southern African countrys currency, the kwacha, rallied by 3.1%. Following this gain, the kwacha took the Russian rubles position as the worlds best-performing currency in 2022….

IMF: Potrebujemo veliko več dela na kriptoregulaciji

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says a lot more work needs to be done on crypto regulation. “mi’ve certainly seen an increase in the use of cryptocurrencies before this war, and weve seen it happen more in emerging markets than in

IMF Warns Ongoing War in Europe Will Have a ‘Severe Impact on the Global Economy’

In a report published on Saturday, Mednarodni denarni sklad (IMF) has warned that an ongoing war in Europe and associated sanctions will have asevere impact on the global economy.The IMFs report says there isextraordinary uncertaintyin the