Tether Reveals USDT Stablecoin Is Now Supported by Polkadot

Tether is now live on 15 different blockchain networks, according to the companys latest announcement on Friday as the firm detailed that it is now supported by the Polkadot blockchain system. The stablecoins new support follows the token being added to

Протокол Near поддерживает Tether USDT, Стейблкоин теперь размещен на 14 Блокчейн сети

В понедельник, the stablecoin issuer Tether Operations Limited announced that the stablecoin tether is now supported by the Near blockchain network. Following a number of recent implementations, Near will be the 14th blockchain network that hosts the largest stablecoin by market

Coinbase теперь разрешает услуги стейкинга Cardano, Фирма «Планирует продолжать масштабировать портфель ставок»

Категория 23, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the platform will now allow cardano staking services. Компания’s senior product manager Rupmalini Sahu mentioned that cardano is one of the top ten crypto assets by market cap and its proof-of-stake (PoS)…

Разработчики игр GSC Game World и Ubisoft выражают недовольство по поводу включения NFT

GSC Game World and Ubisoft, two game development companies, are dealing with backlash about the inclusion of NFT elements in some of their games. While GSC Game Worlddeveloper of the popular Stalker gaming franchisehas abandoned its plans

Торговая площадка Rarible NFT интегрирует блокчейн Tezos, Будет поддерживать Ubisoft Digits

В среду, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Rarible announced that the platform now supports the Tezos blockchain network. The move follows Raribles integration with the Flow blockchain protocol in mid-November, and the NFT marketplace now supports a total of three blockchain

Гигант видеоигр Ubisoft запускает платформу NFT, Блокчейн-технология компании-разработчика программного обеспечения работает на Tezos

The French video game manufacturer based in Montreuil, Ubisoft Entertainment SA, has announced the company has launched a blockchain-based platform called Ubisoft Quartz. According to the company, the platform will enhance specific games with playable and energy-efficient non-fungible token (NFT) assets….

Швейцарский банк Seba теперь позволяет клиентам получать доход от крипто-холдингов

Швейцарский банк с лицензией FINMA, Себа, запустила программу, позволяющую клиентам получать доход от своих крипто-холдингов. Кроме того, банк будет “обеспечить поддержку централизованных услуг по кредитованию и заимствованию, enabling investors to generate yield by lending bitcoin and ethereum

Межсетевые мосты, которые соединяют 5 Различные блокчейны для Ethereum

During the last few months, cross-chain bridge technology has grown a great deal and users can now swap assets between a myriad of networks. Сегодня, between eight different bridges there’с $7.6 billion total-value locked across these platforms. Cross-Chain Bridges