Combined Transactions on Arbitrum and Optimism L2 Chains Outpace Ethereum’s Daily Transfer Count

Since The Merge, イーサリアム’s onchain fees have been considerably lower. でも, combined transaction volume on layer two (L2) chains Arbitrum and Optimism has outpaced Ethereums onchain transaction output. On Saturday, Jan. 14, 2023, Ethereum processed 1.10 million onchain transactions, while combined


The non-profit that focuses on policy issues facing cryptocurrencies, Coin Center, has filed a lawsuit against the Treasury department, the secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) director Andrea Gacki. Coin Centers court filing


イーサリアムの今後のコンセンサスの変化, 時価総額で2番目に大きい暗号通貨, は 9 月に実行される予定であり、プロトコル レベルで検閲が行われる可能性について多くのユーザーが懸念しています。. この意味は, even by interacting directly with


8月に 15, the non-profit that focuses on policy issues facing crypto assets, Coin Center, published a blog post that says the organization is looking at the legality of the recent Tornado Cash sanctions enforced by the U.S. 財務省’s Office

WasabiCoinjoinトランザクションのデミキシング: 連鎖分析の匿名化の主張の詳細

火曜日に, journalist Laura Shin published a story that claims to identify the 2016 Genesis DAO hacker who siphoned 3.6 million ethereum from the decentralized autonomous organization. While the story surprised the crypto community, one of the biggest eye-openers was the

暗号ミキシングツールTornado.cashとCashfusionは $8 トランザクションで10億

While blockchain monitoring has increased a great deal during the last few years, cryptocurrency mixers have seen significant use from those who dont want their financial transactions tracked. その間, two mixing applications, and Cashfusion, have helped crypto owners make their