Arbitrum-Based Vest Exchange Emerges, Aims to Democratize Perpetual Futures

A new decentralized exchange (デックス) on Arbitrum, called Vest Exchange, was announced this past weekend, and the team that created the project said the platform aims to focus on democratizing perpetual futures. The team behind Vest further detailed that the new

Combined Transactions on Arbitrum and Optimism L2 Chains Outpace Ethereum’s Daily Transfer Count

Since The Merge, イーサリアム’s onchain fees have been considerably lower. でも, combined transaction volume on layer two (L2) chains Arbitrum and Optimism has outpaced Ethereums onchain transaction output. On Saturday, Jan. 14, 2023, Ethereum processed 1.10 million onchain transactions, while combined

Hacker Steals $6.9 Million From Arbitrum-Based Defi Protocol Lodestar Finance

Arbitrum-based lending platform Lodestar Finance was exploited on Dec. 10, 2022, according to a tweet from the project’s Twitter account on Saturday. Community reports detail that Lodestar lost roughly $6.9 million from the vulnerability. Lodestar Finance Loses $6.9 Million in an

Zksync 開発者はレイヤーを起動する予定です 3 第 1 四半期に「機会」と呼ばれるスケーリング ソリューション 2023

Matter Labs, the team behind the Ethereum layer two (L2) scaling protocol Zksync, revealed the developers plan to launch a layer three (L3) proof of concept calledOpportunityin the first quarter of 2023. The team says that the prototype of

L2 スケーリング ソリューション Arbitrum が Nitro Rollup Stack Migration を導入

The layer two (L2) scaling solution Arbitrum revealed on Wednesday that the team has implemented the projects Nitro rollup stack migration. Earlier this month, Arbitrum developers noted that the Nitro migration would reduce network fees and improve throughput. Arbitrum Developers Implement

分散型ファイナンススライドに固定された価値 17% 最後に低く 30 日々

The value locked in decentralized finance (定義) protocols has lost 17.77% over the last 30 日々, falling from $221.67 billion to today’s $182.27 十億. さらに, statistics show the total value locked (TVL) across a broad range of defi protocols shed significant


According to the startup Starkware, the teams Ethereum layer two (L2) service Starknet has been integrated by the blockchain API and node service Alchemy. Developers can now leverage Alchemys infrastructure tools alongside Starknets zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup technology. Israel-Based Startup Starkware Partners

攻撃者はArbitrumのTreasureDAOをオーバーハックします 100 マーケットプレイスエクスプロイトを活用したNFT

A non-fungible token market platform built on top of Arbitrum called Treasure DAO was hacked on March 3 で 7:33 a.m. (は), according to a post mortem analysis authored by the security-focused firm Certik. 会社’s report notes thatover 100

Defiスリップにロックされた値 10% の 4 日々, イーサリアムTVLはで支配します 58%

4日前, ロックされた合計値 (TVL) 分散型金融で (定義) で惰走していた $255.84 億 そしてそれ以来, TVLが落ちた ​​8.55% 価値のある. 最後の 24 時間, TVLは下落した 2.80%, とカーブ’s $23

Defiにロックされた値はスライドし続ける, ETHDefiが支配する 65%, ソラナトランザクションが統治

The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance has slid 15.63% since the metrics all-time high of $275 billion sixteen days ago on December 1. Since the end of the first week of December, TVL がダウンしています 7.19% lower with