Iris Energy Boosts Self-Mining Capacity With 4.4 EH/s of New Bitmain Bitcoin Mining Rigs

Bitcoin miner, Iris Energy, announced plans to increase the companys self-mining capacity, alates 2 eksahas sekundis (EH/s) to approximately 5.5 EH/s, after it receives 4.4 EH/s of new Antminer S19j Pro miners from Bitmain. Iris Energy Leverages $67 Million in

Bitcoin’s Average Transfer Fees Experience Sharp Increase: 122% Rise in 10 Päevad

Statistics show transfer fees on the Bitcoin network have increased 122% since the end of last month, as the average transaction fee has climbed from $0.767 juurde $1.704 per transaction. The rise in onchain fees coincides with the new Ordinals digital

Challenging Year for Bitcoin Miners as Fewer BTC Mining Rigs Are Profitable at Current Prices

Bitcoin miners have had a challenging year as the networks mining difficulty reached an all-time high and the spot market price of bitcoin dropped below the cost of production. Praegu, with electricity costs at $0.07 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), only 18 application-specific

Publicly-Listed Bitcoin Miner Argo Blockchain Suspends Nasdaq Trading

Bitcoin miner Argo Blockchain announced that it requested the suspension of trading its company shares on Dec. 27, as the company expects to make an announcement on Wednesday, dets. 28, 2022. The company’s stock has lost 96.34% year-to-date and on Dec….

Samal ajal kui kaevurid tegelevad madalate BTC hindadega, Bitcoini kaevandamisraskuste eesmärk peaks eeldatavasti suurenema 3% Kõrgem

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty target is expected to increase on Dec. 19, 2022, after printing the largest reduction recorded in 2022 on Dec. 5, ploki kõrgusel 766,080. During the last 2,016 plokid, Bitcoin’s hashrate has been around 254.3 eksahas sekundis…

Bitcoini koguhashrate langes detsembris, kuna BTC kaevurid võitlevad kasumi nimel

While bitcoin prices have been lower than the estimated cost of bitcoin production, the networks hashrate has dropped a great deal since mid-November. Praegu, the total hashrate dedicated to the Bitcoin network is coasting along at 236 eksahas sekundis (EH/s)…

Data Shows There’s No Profits Left for Bitcoin Miners That Can’t Obtain Cheap Electricity, Run Efficient Mining Rigs

During the last few weeks bitcoin’s cost of production has been higher than the leading crypto asset’s spot market value and in turn, this has put massive pressure on bitcoin miners. On Nov. 30, 2022, statistics show if miners paying for

Core Scientific Shares Downgraded After SEC Filing Hints at Possible Bankruptcy

One of the largest publicly listed bitcoin miners, Core Scientific, has shaken investors with a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that raises the possibility the company may apply for bankruptcy protection. The filing notes that Core Scientific

Kaevandusplatvormide tootja Canaan käivitab 2 Uued ASIC Bitcoini kaevandajad, millel on kuni 130 Terahash

Esmaspäeval, bitcoini kaevandusplatvormide tootja Canaan Inc., teatas ettevõtte uusimate suure jõudlusega bitcoini kaevandajate A13 seeria käivitamisest. Canaan avalikustas kaks A13 seeria mudelit, millel on eelkäijatega võrreldes parem energiatõhusus,” and the