Average Ethereum Gas Fee Jumps to $20 per Transfer, L2 Fees Follow Rise

While Ethereum network fees to transfer data dropped significantly in recent times, tapping a low of $5.98 per transaction in mid-March, gas fees are rising once again on the second-largest cryptocurrency network in terms of market valuation. On Sunday, April 3,

ETH 2.0 Contract Surpasses 9 Million Ethereum Worth $28 Miljardit

The number of ether locked in the Ethereum 2.0 contract has exceeded 9 million ethereum or more than $28 billion using todays exchange rates. The amount of ethereum locked into the contract has increased 22.29% since the first week of September

Ethereum on põlenud 1.2 Miljon ETH sisse 4 Kuud, Lähedal $5 Miljard eetris hävitatud

With three days left until the end of 2021, the Ethereum network and its native token ether have had a phenomenal year as ether has increased more than 450% in value in 12 kuud. 145 päeva tagasi, augustil 5, a…

Ethereum võib Bitcoini troonilt kõrvaldada kui parimat krüptopoodi, Uuring väidab

A recent paper authored by members of several universities, including Sydney and Macquarie, argues that recent changes in Ethereum monetary policy are making it a better store of value than bitcoin. The deflationary effect that the EIP-1559 proposal has caused in

While Musk Mentions Doge Improvements, Dogecoin Developers Continue to Address Scaling Concerns

On Sunday, Elon Musk discussed his relationship with the Dogecoin Foundation and he mentioned a few improvements hed like to see implemented via Dogecoin Cores codebase. Vahepeal, Github metrics show developers have been working on Dogecoin Core during the last few