Kaevandusplatvormide tootja Canaan käivitab 2 Uued ASIC Bitcoini kaevandajad, millel on kuni 130 Terahash

Esmaspäeval, bitcoini kaevandusplatvormide tootja Canaan Inc., teatas ettevõtte uusimate suure jõudlusega bitcoini kaevandajate A13 seeria käivitamisest. Canaan avalikustas kaks A13 seeria mudelit, millel on eelkäijatega võrreldes parem energiatõhusus,” and the

Jack Dorsey’s Payments Company Is ‘Officially Building an Open Bitcoin Mining System’

In mid-October 2021, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey revealed the payments firm Block Inc. (formally Square) was considering joining the bitcoin mining industry. Three months later, Dorsey tweeted that his firm wasofficially building an open bitcoin mining system.The Blocks Hardware

Bitcoin Mining Firm Luxor Launches ASIC Trading Desk

On January 11, 2022, the Washington-based bitcoin mining operation Luxor announced the launch of a new application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) trading desk. According to the company, Luxors new trading desk will give miners and investors access to bitcoin ASIC mining rigs

Bitcoin Mining Operation Genesis Digital Assets Announces New Data Center in West Texas

Following a number of ASIC mining rig acquisitions from the manufacturer Canaan, the bitcoin mining operation Genesis Digital Assets announced on Monday that the firm is developing an industrial-scale bitcoin mining data center in West Texas. Vastavalt teadaandele, Genesis