Analysts Suspect Banking Crisis Triggered ‘Resting Bull Market’ in Gold, Silver Could Print Much Higher Gains

At the start of the week, a troy ounce of .999 fine gold was trading at $1,813 pro Einheit. Seven days later, gold rose 9.65% gegen die USA. dollar to the current spot price of $1,988 pro Unze. Golds rise comes

‘Next Round of Bailouts Is Here’ — Bitcoin and Precious Metals Soar Amid Speculation of Fed Policy Change

At around 7:30 bin. ET, the price of bitcoin skyrocketed past the $27,000 range to a high of $27,025 pro Einheit. Precious metals, or PMs, like gold and silver, also rose between 1.98% und 2.12% gegen die USA. dollar over the

US Inflation Data Eases Concerns; Crypto Economy Jumps 11% Higher While Market Analysts Anticipate Fed’s Next Decision

Die USA. Labor Department released the consumer price index (VPI) report on Tuesday. Although inflation increased in February year-over-year, the rise was expected, and the annual inflation rate for all items was 6%. The cooling inflation has eased some concerns, but

Gold Bug Schiff Says ‘The Months of Declining Inflation Are in the Review Mirror,’ AI Crypto Assets Surge, and More — Week in Review

Economist and gold enthusiast Peter Schiff has said that the U.S. Fed may have to fight acomplete economic collapseand be faced with more to worry about than the current battle against inflation. In other news, artificial intelligence (AI) crypto

Digital Gold Traded for Digital Rubles by Russia’s Rosbank

Rosbank has brokered Russia’s first deal involving the exchange of tokenized gold with the digital version of the Russian national fiat currency, der Rubel. The successful transaction demonstrates the growing interest in digital financial assets and the need for digital ruble

Krypto, Equity, Metal Markets Plunge as Tech Earnings Disappoint and US Economic Weakness Deepens

Equity markets began the day in the red following the latest corporate earnings reports from some of the worlds largest firms, including Microsoft. The tech giants recent conference call was considered disappointing, and earnings from firms such as Boeing, Texas Instruments,…

Gold Prices Expected to Soar in 2023: Experts Predict Record Highs for Precious Metal

Gold is on the rise in 2023 and in the first week of the new year alone, the precious metal has jumped 2.36% gegen die USA. Dollar. Over the past 65 Tage, gold has soared 14.55% while silver has skyrocketed 22.31%

Gold Outshined Bitcoin This Month Climbing 6% Higher Amid US Real Estate Slump, Lower CPI Data

Diesen Monat, gold has outperformed bitcoin after crypto markets shuddered from the recent FTX collapse, and the precious yellow metal climbed 6.12% since the first of November. Die USA. housing market has shown weaknesses and October’s USA. inflation rate was lower

The Fed Codifies Fourth Consecutive 75bps Rate Hike — Stocks, Bitcoin, and Metals Rise

Die USA. Federal Reserve introduced another jumbo rate hike on Wednesday, November. 2, 2022, by hiking the federal funds rate (FFR) durch 75 Basispunkte (bps). The American central bank said on Wednesday that the hike aims to curb inflation and

Marktstratege rechnet mit fallendem Aktienmarkt 50% Von hier, Sagt, es wird „keine Mittelschicht mehr geben“

Nach Jerome Powell’s falkenhafter Kommentar beim jährlichen Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, wichtigsten Aktienindizes, Kryptowährungen, und Edelmetalle verloren deutlich an Wert. Über $240 billion was erased from the crypto market and the Crypto Fear and Greed Index continues to