Bank of England Hikes Repo Rate by 75bps — UK’s 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Jumps to 7%

Am 11. 3, 2022, the Bank of England followed the U.S. Federal Reserve by codifying the eighth consecutive benchmark bank rate hike by 75 Basispunkte (bps). The increase brings the United Kingdom’s main lending rate to 3%, after a majority

Natural Gas Price Hike Hits Crypto Miners in Iran

Companies using natural gas as a power source to mint digital currency in Iran will have to deal with a sharp increase in the price of the fuel. The new rates set by the state-run supplier are almost double the previous

Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester Is ‘Not Predicting a Recession,’ Says Inflation Will Move Down

Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank president Loretta Mester doesnt think a recession will take place in the United States but believes it will take two years to get inflation back down to 2%. While speaking during an interview on Sunday, Mester explained

Russia’s Anti-Monopoly Agency Proposes Higher Electricity Rates for Home Crypto Miners

The anti-monopoly service of Russia has suggested that Russians minting digital currencies at their homes should pay more for the spent electrical energy. The proposal comes after the submission of a bill tailored to regulate cryptocurrency mining to the Russian parliament….

Der Stromverbrauch steigt in Irkutsk, da immer mehr Russen mit dem Schürfen von Kryptowährung beginnen

Electricity suppliers in the Russian region of Irkutsk have registered a surge in power consumption in residential areas which they are blaming on cryptocurrency mining. Planes with mining equipment from restricted China continue to land in the region, and cases of

Stromausfälle in der russischen Region Irkutsk sind auf Home Miners zurückzuführen

Russen, die Kryptowährungen in ihren Häusern abbauen, werden für die Probleme mit der Stromversorgung in Irkutsk . verantwortlich gemacht. Stromausfälle sind in der Region mit den niedrigsten Strompreisen in Russland häufig vorgekommen. Subsidized household energy has turned

Russische Regierung erlaubt Regionen, die Strompreise für Krypto-Miner anzuheben

The federal government in Moscow has permitted regions to determine local electricity tariffs for the population, a measure that will affect crypto mining at homes. Subsidized household electricity in Russia is often used to mint digital currencies in basements and garages….

Russische Beamte unterstützen die Idee, Krypto-Miner als Unternehmer anzuerkennen

Cryptocurrency mining should be recognized as an entrepreneurial activity under Russian law and taxed accordingly, representatives of key ministries in Moscow and the parliament have indicated. Officials believe the regulatory move would benefit both the state and the crypto industry. Russian

Single Mining Farm braucht so viel Strom wie 24,000 Häuser, Kasachstan Schätzungen

Behörden in Kasachstan haben den Energieverbrauch des Landes berechnet’s Krypto-Mining-Industrie, die mit anderen Wirtschaftssektoren und Haushalten um Strom konkurriert. The government has also estimated the additional supply necessary to meet the growing demand from