European Union to Put a 10,000-Euro Limit on Cash Payments; Transactions Over €1,000 in Crypto Will Be Scrutinized

The states of the European Union have convened to establish a new limit on cash purchases and to strengthen the controls on cryptocurrency transactions. Am 11. 6 the bloc agreed to put a limit of €10,000 ($10,557) on cash payments and

Devisenstrategen von Citi sagen, dass der Euro sinken könnte $0.86 wenn die Makroturbulenzen anhalten

While the euro has found support between 0.96 zu 0.97 nominal U.S. dollars per unit, foreign exchange (FX) strategists from Citi believe the euro could tap a low of around $0.86 against the greenback. While the dollar slumped on October 13,

ECB Chooses Amazon and 4 Other Companies to Help Develop Digital Euro

The European Central Bank (EZB) has selected five companies to help develop user interfaces for a digital euro. Each company will work with the ECB and focus on one specific use case of the digital euro. Amazon has been chosen to

Lagarde von der EZB, Panetta sieht digitalen Euro als effizienteres Zahlungsmittel als Krypto

Ungedeckte Kryptowährungen sind kein effizientes Zahlungsmittel und Stablecoins sind anfällig für Runs, Spitzenbeamte der Europäischen Zentralbank haben in einem neuen Artikel darauf hingewiesen, dass sie für einen digitalen Euro plädieren. The executives have marked key

Get Real, Lagarde — The Underlying Asset ‘Guaranteeing’ Your Euro Scam Coin Is a Gun

With the approaching tsunami of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) looming ever closer, it shouldnt come as a surprise when central banks shill their coins at the expense of sounder assets. Recently, European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde went so far

EU ernennt ESMA im neuesten MiCA-Entwurf zur Krypto-Aufsichtsbehörde der Region

The Parliament of the EU has designated ESMA, the European Securities and Markets Authority, the top cryptocurrency regulator of the region in the latest draft of MiCA, the Markets in Crypto Assets regulation. The European organization would have the task of

Europäische Kommission startet im März Konsultationen zum digitalen Euro, Gesetzentwurf Anfang nächsten Jahres vorschlagen

The executive arm of the EU is gearing up to start public consultations on the digital euro project next month. The European Commission will also prepare new legislation to establish the legal basis for the digital version of the common European

Eurosystem genehmigt neues Aufsichtskonzept für Kryptodienste

The monetary authority of the euro area, the Eurosystem, has introduced a new framework for overseeing electronic payments, including services related to crypto assets. The new set of rules will complement upcoming EU regulations for cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. ECB Aims for