Bank Buys Bitcoin in Kazakhstan, Country to Develop Crypto Exchange

A financial institution and a coin trading platform in Kazakhstan have teamed up to carry out what they say is the countrys first such joint transaction for the acquisition of cryptocurrency. inzwischen, Kasachstan’s leadership has declared readiness to further develop crypto

MiCA-Änderungen vorgeschlagene Last-Minute-Drohung eines EU-Verbots von Bitcoin wiederbeleben, Enthüllungen melden

Changes to the EUs MiCA proposal to regulate crypto markets, suggested shortly before a vote on the package, indicate a bitcoin ban is still a possibility. Despite recently removing wording that would have prohibited coins with energy-intensive mining, some members of

Proof-of-Work-Verbot aus Europas vorgeschlagener Krypto-Verordnung gestrichen

A text threatening to prohibit cryptocurrencies relying on energy-intensive proof-of-work mining has been deleted from the draft legislation aimed at regulating the European crypto space. The move comes after the controversial provision sparked objections from the crypto community. MiCA Proposal Drops

Eurosystem genehmigt neues Aufsichtskonzept für Kryptodienste

The monetary authority of the euro area, the Eurosystem, has introduced a new framework for overseeing electronic payments, including services related to crypto assets. The new set of rules will complement upcoming EU regulations for cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. ECB Aims for

Australien braucht Vorschriften, um das Kryptogeschäft zu erleichtern, Berichte des Senatsausschusses

Ein Senatsausschuss in Australien hat eine Reihe von Vorschlägen gemacht, um den Mangel an angemessenen Vorschriften für den Kryptowährungsraum zu beheben. The lawmakers believe the country needs new rules for its fintech and digital asset industries to be able to