Det ryska finansdepartementet ändrar lagförslaget om digital valuta,' Lägger till Crypto Mining Provisions

Det ryska finansdepartementet ändrar lagförslaget om digital valuta,' Lägger till Crypto Mining Provisions

Ryska federationens finansministerium har reviderat ett lagförslag utformat för att reglera landet’s kryptoutrymme, införa bestämmelser för brytning av kryptovalutor. Propositionen har överlämnats till regeringen och kan komma att antas under riksdagen’s spring session.

Updated Law ‘På digital valuta’ Filed With Russian Government

Ryssland’s Ministry of Finance has amended a bill intended to implement comprehensive rules for the Russian cryptocurrency sector. The latest version now takes into account the positions announced by other government institutions on the matter, the department meddelat fredag.

The finalized draft lawOn Digital currencyhas been returned to the cabinet of ministers in Moscow. The legislation, which was initially submitted to the federal government in February, aims to regulate crypto transactions in Russia as well as the activities of crypto market players. It was prepared to fill the regulatory gaps left after the adoption of the lawOn Digital Financial Assets.

According to a recent statement by Anatoly Aksakov, chair of the Financial Market Committee at the lower house of Russian parliament, the new law is likely to be adopted during the State Dumas spring session, along with amendments to the Russian Tax Code pertaining to cryptocurrency operations.

Certain provisions in the bill have been clarified, the Finance Ministry said, including those related to the regulation of crypto mining. While the use of bitcoin in payments has been met with opposition, most notably from the Central Bank of Russia and most recently from Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, many Russian officials have backed the idea to recognize mining as an economic activity.

I januari, the Bank of Russia pushed for а blanket ban on a range of crypto-related activities, including mining but the Russian government has sided with Minfins view that the industry needs to be regulated rather than restricted. President Vladimir Putin asked them to resolve their differences and emphasized on Russias potential as a mining destination.

I februari, the Ministry of Economic Development proposed to authorize the extraction of digital currencies in regions with power surplus and to offer miners acceptable electricity rates. I slutet av mars, the Ministry of Energy called for urgent legalization of mining and introduction of regional energy quotas for bitcoin farms. Denna vecka, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities suggested the implementation of an experimental legal regime for mining.

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