Russia and Turkey to Collaborate on Combating Crime-Related Crypto Transactions

Law enforcement and judicial authorities from Russia and Turkey are joining forces in the fight against cybercrime, including the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal purposes. The collaboration has been agreed upon during a visit by Russia’s Prosecutor General to Ankara. Ryssland,…

Marathon Secures 254 Megawatts to Bolster Company’s 2023 Bitcoin Mining Goals

The bitcoin mining operation Marathon has announced the company has secured 254 megawatts of new hosting deals with the option to increase to 324 megawatt (MW). Maraton’s latest expansion deals should support the bitcoin mining firms intended goal of securing approximately

Tether likviderar Celsius Bitcoin-lån - "Positionen har likviderats utan förluster" till företaget

I juli 8, 2022, företaget bakom det största stablecoin i världen, Tjudra, avslöjade att företaget likviderade ett lån till kryptolångivaren Celsius, och den föranledda likvidationen “inga förluster för Tether.” Enligt stablecoin-utgivaren, de…

Marathon utökar Miner Deployment Deal med Compute North, Syftar till att driva 100 000+ gruvarbetare med förnybar energi

Marathon Digital Holdings, a Nasdaq-listed bitcoin mining-based company, has announced a new deal with Compute North, a data center service provider, to host more than 100,000 mining machines in its data centers. The deal is an expansion of an earlier deal