Bitcoin Network Overwhelmed by 390,000 Unconfirmed Transactions and Surging Fees

In just under two weeks, the number of unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin network has skyrocketed from 134,000 to over 390,000, causing a bottleneck in the mempool. This surge in unconfirmed transactions has resulted in a staggering 343% increase in transaction

Ethereum Network Fees Surge 153% v 30 Dnevi, While Arbitrum Daily Transactions Outpace ETH Following Shapella Upgrade

Ethereum network fees have experienced a significant upswing following the implementation of the Shapella upgrade on April 12th. In the last 30 dnevi, onchain fees have soared by over 153%, from a prior rate of $4.65 per transfer to a current

Zadetki omrežja Bitcoin 75% Napredek pri naslednji razpolovitvi nagrade

pri 11:06 zjutraj. vzhodni čas (ET) aprila 29, 2023, v višini bloka 787,500, število blokov, ki jih je še treba odkriti do naslednje prepolovitve verige blokov Bitcoin, je zdaj manjše od 52,500 bloki. To pomeni, da je omrežje napredovalo 75% through

Poročilo: Terraform Labs Co-Founder Indicted on Fraud Charges in South Korea

Recent local reports have brought to light that Shin Hyun-seong, also known as Daniel Shin, co-founder of Terraform Labs, has been indicted by the Seoul Southern District ProsecutorsOffice on charges of fraud. Along with nine others, Shin is suspected of

Sotheby’s to Auction 3AC’s NFT Collection, Including Larva Labs’ Zombie Punk and Dmitri Cherniak’s ‘Golden Goose’

V sredo, Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest brokers of fine and decorative art, announced its plans to auction a number of non-fungible token (NFT) assets that were previously owned by the now-defunct crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC). The…

Chip Giant Intel Abandons Bitcoin ASIC Production

After announcing the production of bitcoin application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer by revenue, appears to be abandoning its blockchain chip production. V torek, a spokesperson for the chip manufacturer explained that Intel hasend-of-lifed the

With Close to 10 Billion Stablecoins Redeemed, BUSD’s Supply Drops to Lowest Level Since April 2021

Statistics recorded on April 15, 2023, show that the number of coins in circulation for the stablecoin BUSD dropped below the 7 billion range to 6.68 milijarde, marking the lowest number of BUSD in circulation since April 2021. Nadalje, data indicates

Liquid Staking Protocols See Increase in Monthly ETH Deposits Despite Withdrawals Post-Shapella Hard Fork

Following the Shapella hard fork on April 12, 2023, približno 332,368 eter, valued at around $699 milijonov, has been withdrawn. Despite these withdrawals, liquid staking protocols like Lido, Rocketpool, and others have experienced an increase in ether deposits over the last

Nakupi Cleanspark 45,000 Naprave za rudarjenje bitcoinov, Dodajanje 6.3 EH/s trenutni floti

V torek, podjetje za rudarjenje bitcoinov Cleanspark je objavilo, da je kupilo 45,000 Naprave za rudarjenje bitcoinov Antminer S19 XP za skupno ceno $144.9 milijonov. Cleanspark je izjavil, da bo nova flota dodala 6.3 exahash na sekundo (EH/s) of computational

Težavnost Bitcoina je po četrtem zaporednem povečanju dosegla novo najvišjo vrednost vseh časov

aprila 6, 2023, Težave Bitcoina so se povečale 2.23% višje pri višini bloka 784,224, dotaknil še en rekord vseh časov. To je četrto zaporedno povečanje težav v omrežju Bitcoin od februarja. 24, in trenutna težava protokola je 47.89 bilijon, which is only