Okx представляет новую торговую площадку Ordinals на фоне биткойн-надписей и BRC20 Buzz

Адам Фиксор, the crypto firm Okx announced the launch of a new Ordinals marketplace. The platform is accessible via the Okx Wallet and will enable users to mint and trade Ordinal inscriptions and BRC20 tokens. While the Ordinals marketplace is still

Биткойн, Технический анализ Эфириума: ETH назад вверху $2,100, поскольку BTC отскакивает от 1-недельного минимума

Ethereum moved back above $2,100 во вторник, as markets reacted to the latest gross domestic product (ВВП) report from China. Chinese GDP rose by 4.5% during the first quarter of the year, higher than the 4% expected. Bitcoin rebounded from earlier

Биткойн, Технический анализ Эфириума: BTC движется ниже $30,000 в понедельник, как рост доллара США

Bitcoin started the week trading below $30,000, as the U.S. dollar strengthened during Monday’сеанс. USD/JPY rose to a one-month high, with the greenback also gaining against the euro and British pound. Ethereum также был ниже, falling below $2,100. Bitcoin Bitcoin

South African Professor Accuses US Regulators of Attempting to ‘Assassinate Crypto’

The United Statesattempts toassassinate cryptoare illegal and unlikely to succeed becausecrypto is global,” Стивен Бойки Сидли, a South African professor and author, has argued. According to Sidley, many formerly U.S.-based companies and innovators have fled the country

Биткойн, Технический анализ Эфириума: BTC Rises to $29,000 for First Time Since Last June

Bitcoin rose above $29,000 в четверг, as price moved to its strongest point since last June. The surge came despite some consolidation in cryptocurrency markets, ahead of the upcoming U.S. GDP report. Ethereum was also higher, as it continued to trade

Подходы к халвингу биткойнов: Меньше, чем 400 Осталось несколько дней до того, как субсидия на вознаграждение за блок будет сокращена вдвое

По текущей статистике, сеть Биткойн меньше, чем 56,000 кварталах и менее 400 дней до следующего сокращения вознаграждения вдвое. После очередного халвинга, награда за блок будет уменьшена на 50%, и текущая блочная субсидия…

US Government Remains a Top Bitcoin Holder With Seized Stash Valued at $5.6 Миллион в предварительном раунде

As of March 25, 2023, Соединенные штаты. government held 205,515 bitcoins worth $5.6 миллиард, which is approximately 1.06% of the circulating supply, according to current statistics. The cache of bitcoins is a result of three forfeitures that began in 2020. Glassnode’с…

Nasdaq Aims to Launch Crypto Custody Services in Second Quarter

Nasdaq intends to launch its custody services for digital assets like bitcoin by the end of this years second quarter. The exchange operator is among those traditional financial firms that want to play a role as intermediaries in the crypto sector

In-Chat Tether Transfers Introduced in Telegram

Users of the Telegram messenger will now be able to send each other the leading stablecoin, привязывать (usdt), directly in the chats. The new option expands the list of cryptocurrencies available for purchase, распродажа, and trade in the messaging app. Привязь…

Bitcoin Network Preps for Another Difficulty Spike as Hashrate Remains Strong and Miners Profit Amid Price Surge

Following the last two difficulty increases on the Bitcoin network, another rise in difficulty is expected to take place on March 24, 2023. Statistics show that Bitcoins hashrate has remained high despite the last two adjustments, and block times have been