Arbitrum-Based Vest Exchange Emerges, Aims to Democratize Perpetual Futures

A new decentralized exchange (декс) on Arbitrum, called Vest Exchange, was announced this past weekend, and the team that created the project said the platform aims to focus on democratizing perpetual futures. The team behind Vest further detailed that the new

Defi More Scalable Than Traditional Finance, New Study Says

Despite the market conditions that prevailed in much of 2022, децентрализованное финансирование (дефи) still demonstrated its greater scaling potential than that of the traditional financial industry, a new report has said. Even though the total value locked dropped from the peak

Uniswap’s $165 Million Series B Capital Raise One of the Largest by a Crypto Firm in 2022

Uniswap Labs, the firm behind the Uniswap decentralized exchange protocol, announced on Thursday that it raised $165 million in a Series B funding round. According to one report, the capital raise, which sees Uniswap Labsvaluation rise to $1.66 миллиард, является…

Uniswap Foundation to Distribute $1.8 Million in Grants to 14 Recipients

The Uniswap Foundation (UF), the group behind the decentralized exchange (декс) Uniswap, announced the first wave of foundation grants on Wednesday as it plans to distribute $1.8 million total, awarded across 14 гранты. The UF announcement details that a touch more

Платформа данных Web3 Dune Analytics переходит в статус единорога после $69.4 Миллионный сбор средств

Аналитическая платформа Web3 Dune Analytics объявила о закрытии $69.4 Сбор средств серии B на миллион под руководством Коатью. Фирма’последний сбор средств следует за компанией’Серия A в августе прошлого года, когда Dune Analytics $8 миллион. With the Series A

Хотя опыт казался очень простым: Сайдчейн Ronin обработан 560% Всего транзакций больше, чем в Ethereum в ноябре прошлого года

The blockchain-powered game Axie Infinity has been a very popular application during the last 12 месяцы, as the games NFTs have outpaced every NFT collection today in terms of all-time sales. While Axie Infinity has seen $3.85 млрд продаж за все время,…

Стоимость, заблокированная в Defi, продолжает падать, ETH Defi доминирует 65%, Царство транзакций в Солане

The total value locked (ТВЛ) in decentralized finance has slid 15.63% since the metrics all-time high of $275 billion sixteen days ago on December 1. Since the end of the first week of December, the TVL is down 7.19% lower with

Стоимость, заблокированная в квитанциях Defi 5% в 24 Часы, Токены AMM и Rebase несут двузначные убытки

Since mid-November the total value locked (ТВЛ) в децентрализованных финансах (дефи) has slid from $257 billion to $250.55 billion and during the last 24 hours it lost a touch more than 5%. За последние семь дней, defi tokens like uniswap,…

Соучредитель Axie Infinity говорит, что Blockchain Game планирует запустить децентрализованную биржу

Sky Mavis, the team that created the Ethereum-powered non-fungible token (NFT) game Axie Infinity, revealed the project plans to launch a decentralized exchange (декс), according to the companys co-founder Jeff Zirlin during a podcast with Frank Chaparro. Более того, Axie Infinity recently