Ethereum が Bellatrix を実装 — Network の今後の Paris アップグレードで Merge をトリガー, バリデータブロックの生成

The blockchain network Ethereum has officially activated the Bellatrix upgrade, the final change before The Merge, the highly anticipated transition from proof-of-work (捕虜) プルーフ・オブ・ステークへ (PoS). Bellatrix was successfully codified into the codebase at epoch 144,896 on the Beacon chain and

ビットコインとイーサリアムの優位性がスライドしている間, Stablecoin時価総額は報酬を獲得します

During the past 30 日々, $285 billion has left the crypto economy and bitcoins USD value hit a 2022 low at $17,593 per unit on June 18. さらに, last months statistics show bitcoins market dominance was 2.9% higher and ethereums market

ビットコインが44,000ドルを下回る, 暗号経済が低下 4.5%, トレーダーはステーブルコインに急いで

The price of bitcoin dropped below the $44K zone on Wednesday to $43,678 per unit as the entire crypto-economy has shed billions in value. At the time of writing, the overall crypto economy is down 4.5% as it dipped to $2.25