BNBは第2四半期のトップ10のベストマーケットパフォーマーでした, ビットコインが2位になります—ソラナは最悪のパフォーマンスをしました

上半期が終わって, 第 2 四半期の統計 2022 暗号経済の価値が大幅に下落したことを示しています, 市場の上位 10 位にある暗号トークンは失われました 30% に 60% in USD value during the past three months. Q2 data further shows that binance coin managed to avoid the losses its competitors have taken, and solana was the worst market performer out of the top ten crypto assets by market capitalization.


Top Ten Crypto Assets Suffered Significant Losses During the Last Quarter

It’s been a crazy Q2, to say the least, as numerous crypto assets within the digital currency economy are at much lower values than they were three months ago. During the second quarter of 2022, ビットコイン (BTC) for instance, shed 42.92% of its value against the U.S. ドル.

Statistics also show that イーサリアム (ETH), the second-largest crypto asset by market cap, 失った 47.24% over the last three months. While much of the crypto economy’s losses stemmed from the aforementioned two crypto assets, a wide variety of top-positioned digital currencies have shed massive value.

BNB Was the Top Ten's Best Market Performer in Q2, Bitcoin Takes Second Place — Solana Performed the Worst
BNB was the top ten’s best-performing crypto asset in Q2 2022 as it only took a loss of 33.67%, while the second best performer, ビットコイン (BTC), 失った 42.92% of its value against the U.S. ドル.

The Binance Smart Chain network’s BNB, でも, is only down 33.67% 第2四半期に, which makes BNB the best performer during the second quarter among the top ten crypto assets. BTC’s 42% plunge was the second best market performance out of the top ten, while カルダノ (ADA) managed to capture the top ten’s third best market performance in Q2.

BNB Was the Top Ten's Best Market Performer in Q2, Bitcoin Takes Second Place — Solana Performed the Worst
ソラナ (ソル) was the top ten’s worst-performing crypto asset as the cryptocurrency lost 59.19% during the last three months.

ADA 失った 45.49% in value against the U.S. dollar in three months. XRP 失った 48.99% 第2四半期に, while ドージコイン (ドージ) 失った 48.51%. ソラナ (ソル) was the top ten’s worst market performer as it lost 59.19% during 2022’s second quarter.

Dozens of Relatively Unknown Tokens Rise, $930 Billion Erased from the Crypto Economy in Q2

Most of Q2’s top-performing crypto assets that are not in the top ten positions were relatively unknown digital currencies. The largest gains recorded in Q2 were captured by the tokens like smartofgiving (8月), followed by pitbull (ピット), and bosagora (ボア). The worst performers in Q2 include bluesparrow, ピエダオ, terra luna classic, and wrapped terra luna classic.

Hundreds of coins out of the 13,414 crypto assets traded on 514 exchanges worldwide have lost more than 90% in value in Q2. 対照的に, there are only a few dozen crypto assets that did perform well compared to the hundreds of coins that lost value during the second quarter. During the last three months alone, $930 billion in USD value has left the crypto economy.

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