Okx がビットコインの登録と BRC20 の話題の中で新しい Ordinals マーケットプレイスを導入

火曜日に, 暗号通貨会社Okxが新しいOrdinalsマーケットプレイスの立ち上げを発表. このプラットフォームには Okx ウォレット経由でアクセスでき、ユーザーは Ordinal の碑文と BRC20 トークンを鋳造して取引できるようになります。. Ordinals マーケットプレイスはまだ残っていますが、…

仮想通貨に対する「規制装置」の真っ只中, ポール・チューダー・ジョーンズ氏がビットコインの割り当てを維持

最近のインタビューで, the renowned investor Paul Tudor Jones expressed his perspective on bitcoin, acknowledging that there might be regulatory challenges ahead. でも, Jones emphasized his unwavering commitment to the dominant cryptocurrency, affirming that he maintainsa small diversification” の…

Bitcoin Makes Progress in Clearing Backlog, but Lightning Network Capacity and Channels Dropped Amid Congestion

In the past week, the Bitcoin network has made progress in resolving its congestion issues. 5月 7, 2023, the number of unconfirmed transactions reached an all-time high of over 500,000 転送, causing a major backlog. でも, as of today, that

ビットコイン, イーサリアムテクニカル分析: ETH, BTC、数週間ぶりの安値に下落, 米国のインフレデータに従う

イーサリアムが下回った $1,800 今日において’のセッション, 市場が米国の最新情勢に引き続き反応する中、. 消費者物価指数. 米国のインフレ率は 4.9% 4月中, 未満 5% 多くの人が予想していた金額. ビットコインも下がった…

Bitcoin Community Divided: Scaling Challenges Trigger Intense Debate as Mempool Overflows

今週, the Bitcoin community has been abuzz with discussions about the network’s scaling challenges. As the blockchain’s transfer fees continue to surge, the backlog of transactions stuck in the mempool has hit an unprecedented high. Crypto enthusiasts have been sharing

Binance Announces Lightning Network Withdrawal Implementation Amidst Bitcoin Network Congestion Issues

Binance has announced its intention of implementing Lightning Network, a layer 2 Bitcoin scaling protocol, on its platform after experiencing an episode of congestion regarding withdrawals on the Bitcoin network. The exchange had to pause bitcoin withdrawals twice due to a

Bitcoin Network Overwhelmed by 390,000 Unconfirmed Transactions and Surging Fees

In just under two weeks, the number of unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin network has skyrocketed from 134,000 to over 390,000, causing a bottleneck in the mempool. This surge in unconfirmed transactions has resulted in a staggering 343% increase in transaction

Ex-Coinbase Exec Balaji Srinivasan Closes Out $1 Million Bitcoin Bet

Former Chief Technology Officer at Coinbase, バラジ スリニバサン, closed out early a bet that the price of bitcoin would hit $1 million by mid-June amid hyperinflation of the U.S. ドル. Srinivasan paid a total of $1.5 100万, more than the initially

Pacwest Stock Plummets Over 35% Following Release of Q1 Earnings Report Amidst Turmoil in Banking Industry

Following the acquisition of First Republic Bank by JPMorgan Chase, several regional banks such as Pacwest and Western Alliance experienced a significant drop in their stock prices. On Tuesday afternoon, all four major U.S. benchmark stock indexes are in decline as

5月のアップグレードで「イーサリアム上のスマートコントラクトと同等」のビットコインキャッシュスマートコントラクトが可能に, 「1000倍の効率の利点」: 開発者ジェイソン・ドライゼナー

自由推進テクノロジーの擁護者でソフトウェア開発者のジェイソン・ドレイゼナー氏は最近、5月に予定されているビットコインキャッシュネットワークのアップグレードについて電子メールでBitcoin.comニュースに語った。 15. この日に可決される予定の改善提案の中で最も話題になっているものの 1 つ —…