Ex-Coinbase Exec Balaji Srinivasan Closes Out $1 Million Bitcoin Bet

Former Chief Technology Officer at Coinbase, バラジ スリニバサン, closed out early a bet that the price of bitcoin would hit $1 million by mid-June amid hyperinflation of the U.S. ドル. Srinivasan paid a total of $1.5 100万, more than the initially

Syria Urges BRICS to Lead in Ditching Dollar, Talks Yuan Adoption With China

BRICS nations can lead efforts to abandon the U.S. dollar in international settlements, according to President Bashar Assad of Syria. At a meeting with China’s top diplomat for the region, the leader of the war-torn Middle Eastern country called for using

World’s Largest Regional Organization to Switch to Settlements in National Currencies

A China-led regional organization that covers more than half of Eurasia intends to transition to settlements in the currencies of its members. While the plan is to abandon the U.S. dollar in mutual payments, participating nations are yet to consider a

Gold Slides on Higher US Treasury Yields, ドル

Prices of gold, and other precious metals, fell on Wednesday due to stronger U.S. yields and national currency. The decline comes on the backdrop of expectations of new interest rate increases next month amid persistent inflation in the United States and

ビットコイン, イーサリアムテクニカル分析: BTC Moves Below $30,000 月曜日に, as US Dollar Rallies

Bitcoin started the week trading below $30,000, as the U.S. dollar strengthened during Monday’のセッション. USD/JPY rose to a one-month high, with the greenback also gaining against the euro and British pound. イーサリアムも下落, falling below $2,100. Bitcoin Bitcoin

武器化によりドルの役割が低下, デジタル通貨, 経済学者のジェフリー・サックス氏は言う

今後10年以内に, アメリカ. ドルの役割は現在よりもはるかに弱くなるだろう, ジェフリー・サックスによれば. 有名な経済学者は、ドルの地位低下の要因としていくつかを挙げています。…

Latam Insights — Alliance Against Inflation, BTG Pactual Launches Stablecoin, and Argentina Debuts New Dollar

Welcome to Latam Insights, a compendium of the most relevant crypto and economic development news from Latin America during the last week. In this issue: Latin American nations ink an agreement to reduce inflation, Brazil-based BTG Pactual launches its own dollar-pegged

中国、ドル依存削減に向けアジア通貨基金と協議する用意がある, マレーシアは言う

アジア通貨基金を設立するというアイデアが中国指導部の注目を集めた, マレーシア政府首脳が明らかにした。. 首相は自国に理由はないと信じている, それは強い米国によって傷つけられている….

Binance Bans Russians From P2P Transactions With Dollars and Euros

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has introduced new restrictions for Russian users, in accordance with the latest European sanctions. The platform is restricting access to peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions in U.S. dollars and euros for traders based in the Russian Federation. Binance Prohibits US

報告する: Egyptian Pound Reaches New Low Against US Dollar Despite Flexible Exchange Rate Regime

The exchange rate of the Egyptian pound versus the U.S. dollar fell to a new low on Jan. 11 after it tapped 32.14 per greenback. The currency’s latest significant depreciation came just a few months after it adopted a flexible exchange