Lido Protocol Reveals Plans for Withdrawal Feature Ahead of Ethereum’s Shanghai Hard Fork

While the Ethereum community prepares for the upcoming Shanghai hard fork in March, the development team for the liquid staking project Lido revealed plans to create an in-protocol withdrawal feature. Lido’s team is seeking community feedback on the proposal that would

Digital Currency Group Suspends Dividends Amid Regulatory Trouble With Subsidiary Genesis

According to a shareholdersletter from Digital Currency Group (DCG) viewed by finance and crypto publication Coindesk, the company has suspended dividends until further notice. This news follows the U.S. 証券取引委員会 (SEC) charging a subsidiary firm of DCG,…

Huobi Korea Plans to Cut Ties With Parent Company, Strengthen Domestic Presence

According to a report from South Korea, the Korean subsidiary of Huobi Global is planning to cut ties with the parent company. The management of the trading platform stated that they plan tostrengthen its positionas a domestic cryptocurrency exchange

Gemini’s Cameron Winklevoss Insists Digital Currency Group Needs to Resolve Liquidity Issues in Open Letter to CEO Barry Silbert

Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, published an open letter to Digital Currency Group (DCG) CEO Barry Silbert on Jan. 2, 2022, stating that it had been 47 days since withdrawals from Genesis had been halted. In the letter,…

報告する: 削除されたファイルは、仮想通貨の貸し手 Hodlnaut の幹部が Terra Luna の露出にほとんど重みを与えていないことを示しています

報告によると, the embattled crypto lender Hodlnaut saw a significant loss from the Terra blockchain collapse last May. The report notes that Hodlnaut downplayed the companys exposure to the Terra ecosystem and allegedly lost $190 million from the incident….


Digital asset platform Nuri has told customers to withdraw their funds in the next two months, after taking a hit from the crypto winter. Formerly known as Bitwala, the Berlin-headquartered cryptocurrency bank filed for insolvency earlier this year and failed to


Authorities in Kazakhstan have granted Binance a license to operate as a digital asset platform and provide an array of relevant services. While working out of the nations financial hub in the capital Nur-Sultan, the crypto exchange will offer registration to


ロシア中央銀行は、ロシアの銀行が米国を売却するためのいくつかの制限を緩和しました。. ドルとユーロを一般に公開. The increased supply of foreign cash may affect the crypto market in the country as currency restrictions have been a driver

Hodlnaut の裁判所への提出書類は、 $193 ミリオンショートフォール, 内部告発者は、暗号貸し手の矛盾した声明を非難します

問題を抱えた仮想通貨の貸し手 Hodlnaut は、同社が 8 月に引き出しを凍結した後、別の最新情報を共有しました。 8, その後、同社がスタートアップを再生するために司法管理を求めていることを明らかにした. The latest update shows that Hodlnaut experienced a shortfall of