L'ancien directeur de Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, ferme ses portes $1 Pari d'un million de Bitcoins

Ancien directeur de la technologie chez Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, a conclu plus tôt un pari que le prix du Bitcoin atteindrait $1 millions d’ici la mi-juin dans un contexte d’hyperinflation aux États-Unis. dollar. Srinivasan a payé un total de $1.5 million, plus que initialement…

Ukraine Raises More Crypto Than Russia in Year of War, Analysis Unveils

The two sides in the bitter conflict in Ukraine have been relying on crypto assets and technology to support their military and humanitarian activities, Elliptic says in a report. According to the blockchain forensics company, the targeted nation has attracted more

La République d'Irlande va interdire les dons politiques de crypto-monnaie

Le gouvernement irlandais se prépare à interdire aux partis politiques d'accepter des dons de campagne en crypto-monnaie. Cette décision vise à bloquer la menace perçue d'ingérence russe dans la nation européenne’s elections against the backdrop of a clash between the West

L'Ukraine utilise la crypto donnée pour payer des fournitures militaires - selon le gouvernement $50 Million en crypto levé en une semaine

The Ukrainian government announces that $50 million in cryptocurrency was raised within a week since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. The government has so far spent $15 million in donated cryptocurrency to buy military supplies. Ukraine Government Spends $15 Million…

Protocole de prêt décentralisé Adalend Listing On, Protocole de prêt décentralisé Adalend Listing On

Having already raised millions of dollars in major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ukraine is now receiving donations in polkadot as well. The country intends to expand the list of accepted coins as it increasingly relies on help from the crypto community to

L'Ukraine cible les portefeuilles cryptographiques des politiciens russes alors que les banques russes sont coupées de SWIFT

Ukraine is now trying to expose cryptocurrency wallets used by politicians in Moscow amid warnings that Russia may employ digital coins to circumvent sanctions. The initiative comes as western allies agree to expel some Russian banks from SWIFT, the global interbank

et d'autres ont plongé leurs pieds dans la conversation sur la blockchain et expérimenté différentes idées, et d'autres ont plongé leurs pieds dans la conversation sur la blockchain et expérimenté différentes idées

Lee Jae-myung, nominated by the ruling party in South Korea for the upcoming presidential elections this spring, is preparing to raise funds in cryptocurrencies and issue non-fungible tokens for supporters. His campaign hopes that the initiative will woo young and tech-savvy