Reporte: Silicon Valley Bank Under FDIC Auction as Calls for Bailout Grow

Los Estados Unidos. Corporación Federal de Seguros de Depósito (FDIC) began an auction process for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) late Saturday night, according to reports. Final bids are due by Sunday afternoon. Unnamed sources indicate that the FDIC is seeking to close the deal promptly after California regulators closed the bank and placed it into FDIC receivership on Friday.


Sources Say FDIC Is Working Swiftly to Sell Off SVB Assets as Final Bids Due by Sunday Afternoon

los collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has caused a significant stir in the United States, as many believe it has reveló a weakness in the U.S. banking system. Sin embargo, A NOSOTROS. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen has maintained that the system is “resilient” and “safe and well-capitalized.” According to a recent Bloomberg report, an auction for SVB began on Saturday evening, and final bids will be selected on Sunday.

Anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg say the FDIC is working swiftly to sell off SVB assets before branches open on Monday. The report states that final bids are due by Sunday afternoon, with a final decision potentially not being announced until Sunday evening. Bloomberg contributor Matthew Monks attempted to contact the FDIC for comment but was unable to reach anyone outside of their normal business hours.

The failure of SVB has sparked a significant debate over whether the bank will receive a bailout. Sin embargo, based on Yellen’s statements, it appears that a bailout is not being considered. Many tech founders and venture capitalists, including Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz, Y Combinator’s Garry Tan, and Craft Ventures’ David Sacks, are calling for a federal bailout.

El multimillonario Bill Ackman, the CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, posee enfatizado the need for a bailout, advertencia of “more bank runs” by Monday if action is not taken. In response to the situation, hundreds of venture capitalists and funds in the U.S. y el Reino Unido. have issued a statement expressing their hope that the bank will be “appropriately capitalized.”

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