Jeffrey Tucker Says Dollar Will Be Dethroned, Russian Official Speaks on De-Dollarization, and a Look at Historic Fractional Reserve Banking in Italy — Week in Review

Bitcoin proponents eyeing fiat failures are in no shortage of news on the topic as of late, as multiple officials, economists, authors, and analysts from around the world have been weighing in on “de-dollarization” in a prolific fashion. Author and libertarian Jeffrey Tucker said recently: “The dollar’s just not going to be king,” and Russia’s foreign minister says a flight from the U.S. dollar “is sure to accelerate.” In related news, the historic fall of Italy’s Medici bank could shed some light on movements being witnessed in the global banking sector over 600 years later.


Jeffrey Tucker on De-Dollarization: USD Will No Longer Be King, We’re at Turning Point for US Dollar

Jeffrey Tucker says we are at the turning point for the U.S. dólar, citing a growing de-dollarization trend. “The dollar’s just not going to be king,” he warned, adding that history will record recent events “as the turning point for the dollar.”

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Russian Official: Flight From the US Dollar Is Sure to Accelerate, De-Dollarization Trend Is Irreversible

De-Dollarization Trend Irreversible, Flight From US Dollar Sure to Accelerate, Says Russian Official

Russia’s foreign minister says a flight from the U.S. dollar “is sure to accelerate,” emphasizing that “this trend is irreversible.” The official added: “The path of sanctions is the path to nowhere. Serious countries and sober-minded politicians are drawing relevant conclusions and these conclusions are definitely in favor of terminating dependence on the West.”

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US treasury secretary yellen dollar sanctions

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Acknowledges Sanctions Weaponization Could Hurt Dollar Hegemony

A NOSOTROS. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen talked about the dangers that sanctions based on the U.S. dollar might pose for the hegemony of the currency in international markets. According to Yellen, the government tries to use sanctions “judiciously,” as they can create a desire to find alternatives to the U.S. dólar.

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The Fall of Medici Bank: Lessons on Fractional Reserve Banking From 15th Century Italy

The Fall of Medici Bank: Lessons on Fractional Reserve Banking From 15th Century Italy

Amid the banking chaos of the 21st century, some are looking back more than 600 years ago, to the Medici Bank — one of the most powerful banks of its time. It established its business and became one of the most respected banks in Europe during its prime, and the prominent Italian family of bankers were early adopters of fractional reserve banking, a practice that Medici Bank customers were unaware of, and that ultimately led to the financial institution’s failure.

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