Rig far Fattig fars Robert Kiyosaki advarer om hyperinflation, Depression er her

Rich Dad Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki Warns Hyperinflation and Depression Are Here

Den berømte forfatter til bestsellerbogen Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, says that hyperinflation and depression are here. He also warned that the biggest bubble burst is coming, advising investors to buy gold, sølv, and bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Latest Warnings

Forfatteren af ​​Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, gave a series of warnings regarding the U.S. economy Friday.

Rig far Fattig far er en 1997 bog medforfattet af Kiyosaki og Sharon Lechter. Den har været på New York Times bestsellerliste i over seks år. Mere end 32 millioner eksemplarer af bogen er blevet solgt i over 51 sprog på tværs af mere end 109 lande.

Kiyosaki tweeted that a Wile E. Coyote moment and the biggest bubble burst are coming. Claiming that hyperinflation and depression are here, the famous author recommends buying gold, sølv, and bitcoinbefore the coyote wakes up.

Rich Dad Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki Warns Hyperinflation and Depression Are Here

The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad opined that baby boomersretirements will bestolenand that the $10 trillion in fake money spending is ending. He called the U.S. regering, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve thieves.

i øvrigt, Kiyosaki tweeted early this month: “Repo market inversion. Last time this happened was 2008 … I 2008 I borrowed $300 million to buy great real estate, at bargain prices. Time to get rich coming again. Time to get smart, not greedy.Emphasizing that weak businesses and greedy investors will fail, the famous author wrote:

Be careful. Recession and crash coming.

A growing number of economists and forecasters are now saying that a recession is on the horizon for the U.S. economy as the Federal Reserve continues to fight the highest inflation in more than 40 flere år.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, for eksempel, said this week that the risk of the Federal Reserve tipping the U.S. economy into recession is rising. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers also said a recession er “the most likelyoutcome for the U.S. økonomi, not a soft landing.

In October last year, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Block Inc. and former CEO of Twitter Inc., predicted that hyperinflation will soon happen i U.S.A. and the world. For nylig, Mexico’s third-richest billionaire, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, also warned about severe dollar inflation. He recommended buying bitcoin.

Ud over, Kiyosaki has warned about a massive crash many times. Predicting og Messari “giant stock market crash” i oktober, he noted that after the crash, USA. will slide into a new depression. He further warned that we are in the biggest bubble in world history.

Sidste måned, the Rich Dad Poor Dad author said the U.S. dollar is about to implode, recommending investors buy more gold, sølv, bitcoin, ethereum, and solana. He emphasized that the world is in trouble and the U.S. national debt is going through the roof.

In the same month, Kiyosaki warned that the government will seize all cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, he forudsagt the end of the U.S. dollar, noting that the Russia-Ukraine war is giving rise to crypto as a safer haven than the government’s centralbank har aktivt testet sin digitale valuta “fake fiat money.

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