Ex-Coinbase Exec Balaji Srinivasan lukker ud $1 Million Bitcoin Bet

Tidligere Chief Technology Officer hos Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, lukkede tidligt et væddemål om, at prisen på bitcoin ville ramme $1 millioner i midten af ​​juni midt i hyperinflationen i USA. dollar. Srinivasan betalte i alt $1.5 million, more than the initially

Robert Kiyosaki siger, at "Amerika dør" - advarer om hyperinflation, US Dollars død

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has issued a warning about the potential demise of the U.S. dollar and the looming threat of hyperinflation. He has expressed concern that the USD may lose its value andbecome toilet paper.” Yderligere,…

'Panik i 2023': James Corbett forklarer, hvordan bankkrise kunne føre til CBDC 'Mareridt med total monetær kontrol'

Investigative journalist James Corbett has recently referred to the ongoing global banking crisis involving SVB, Signatur Bank, Credit Suisse and others as thePanic of 2023,drawing comparisons to what he views as historical precedents, and pointing ahead to an inevitable

Xapo Bank integrerer Lightning Network-betalinger gennem Lightspark-partnerskab

marts 2, Xapo Bank announced its partnership with Lightspark, a company led by David Marcus, former crypto boss at Facebook. The partnership aims to extend the utility of bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Xapo revealed on Thursday that it is

Rapport: Sydsudans regering forbyder transaktioner i amerikanske dollars

The government of South Sudan has reportedly prohibited U.S. dollar-based transactions and has directed that all local payments be settled in the local currency. The Salva Kiir Mayardit government reportedly said it also wants all signed commercial contracts to be based

Priserne i dollars steg næsten 54% i Venezuela Under 2022

Prices in Venezuela have been rising steadily even when denominated in foreign currency. According to data collected by Ecoanalitica, a market research firm, prices marked in dollars have grown close to 54% during 2022, affecting the income and savings of Venezuelans

Venezuelan Banking Watchdog til at overvåge kryptotransaktioner for at bevare valutastabilitet

Sudeban, the Venezuelan banking watchdog, is currently working on a mechanism to review crypto-related transactions in real-time to control the influence these have on the stability of the exchange market. Analysts have recently linked the situation in peer-to-peer (P2P) kryptomarkeder…

Rig far Fattig fars Robert Kiyosaki advarer om hyperinflation, Depression er her

Den berømte forfatter til bestsellerbogen Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, says that hyperinflation and depression are here. He also warned that the biggest bubble burst is coming, advising investors to buy gold, sølv, and bitcoin. Robert Kiyosaki’s Latest