Several Crypto Exchange Websites Taken Down in Kazakhstan

Financial authorities in Kazakhstan have targeted at least five online platforms exchanging cryptocurrencies outside the law. Documents, computer equipment, and cryptocurrency wallets have been seized during searches in the northern part of the country. Kazakhstan’s Financial Watchdog Goes After Unlicensed Crypto

Sales of Hardware Crypto Wallets Decline in Russia With Easing Currency Restrictions

Interest in hardware wallets allowing cold storage of cryptocurrencies is decreasing among Russian users after this years surge that followed the invasion of Ukraine. The sale volumes for these devices have almost halved, according to a report quoting leading marketplaces. Russians’…

Российские банкиры предлагают ввести уголовную ответственность за хранение криптовалюты в некастодиальных кошельках

Keeping cryptocurrencies in non-custodial wallets may be criminalized in Russia, if authorities accept a proposal from the trade association representing Russian banks. While financial regulators think the idea deserves attention, lawmakers and experts doubt its possible to implement such a measure….

Украина нацелилась на криптокошельки российских политиков, поскольку российские банки отключены от SWIFT

Ukraine is now trying to expose cryptocurrency wallets used by politicians in Moscow amid warnings that Russia may employ digital coins to circumvent sanctions. The initiative comes as western allies agree to expel some Russian banks from SWIFT, the global interbank

Москва не собирается запрещать россиянам покупать криптовалюту за рубежом

Россия не пойдет за Китаем’Конечно, и не планирует запрещать своим гражданам покупать криптовалюту на иностранных биржах., высокопоставленный правительственный чиновник указал. Russians will not be able to pay with digital coins in their own