ARTIC привносит децентрализованный подход к художественным галереям и выставкам через свои метавыставки

ПРЕСС-РЕЛИЗ. The ARTIC team is made up of highly skilled IT engineers, art consultants, designers, and various other professionals with an average of more than 20 years of experience in their respective disciplines. The ARTIC team intends to use blockchain technology to tackle contemporary problems like copyright infringement, counterfeit difficulties and provenance, which are all long-standing impediments to the expansion of the global art market.

To overcome the aforementioned difficulties, ARTIC has three key objectives. Во-первых, consumers should be able to create or request appropriate art pieces and buy them without the participation of intermediaries. Во-вторых, any artist, regardless of time or geographical limitations, should be allowed to show their work in a digital setting and sell ownership of their artwork, which is secured by the NFT. Finally, art consultants ought to be able to link customers and writers with expert opinions about their artwork and be compensated for their efforts.

What are ARTICs main components?

ARTIC is made up of three primary aspects, namely anNFT Marketplace’, а ‘VR Gallery’, and lastly anAI Center’. Кроме того, the platform features a simple and user-friendly interface that is focused on offering the greatest user experience possible. ARTICs initiatives promote the engagement of essential players of the art ecosystem, such as customers, writers, and art consultants, showcasing the art industrys virtuous cycle.

The NFT marketplace is an expansion of the art trading ecosystem. It is a location where artworks created or requested by customers are sold, as well as diverse works that require ownership protection. The VR Gallery is an exhibition of art. It is a virtual environment where artists may display and sell their work without any time or location restrictions. Finally, the AI Center serves as the provision of diverse art content. It is a venue where art advisors link customers and authors, as well as specialized AI matching services including artificial intelligences selection of works based on personal preferences and services which enable users to hang desired pieces anywhere they want.

ARTIC token

ARTIC is a utility token based on Ethereum (ETH) that may be utilized inside the ARTIC ecosystem. ARTIC tokens can be purchased via different compatible cryptocurrency exchanges or earned as reward units by participating in certain ARTIC platform activities. Participants in the ARTIC ecosystem can also use ARTIC tokens to buy or request artworks from the NFT Marketplace. Более того, ARTIC tokens are also used to gain access to the VR Gallery and AI Center features.

ARTIC tokens can even be utilized to pay platform fees as well as for extra functionalities that are only available to users who have a particular quantity of ARTIC tokens. By using the ARTIC platform and engaging in different economic activities inside the platform, consumers, авторы, and advertisers help to increase and preserve the value of ARTIC tokens. Наконец, ARTICs token economy also contains payment and staking functionalities, along with the platforms very own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

What about partnerships?

ARTIC also has various partnerships. Gallery 360, an intelligent art platform that allows users to explore varied pieces of artwork online, is a vital partner that will contribute to the continued development of the ARTIC platform. Gallery 360 is displaying and selling up to 145.6 billion+ artworks in South Korea as of May 2021, and broadening its business through VR exhibition rental solutions, AI paint app powered by AI, drawing preview app, used art trade, online and offline services.

более того, six South Korean patents, two technical data patents, and four foreign PCTs are now being applied to the platform, and they have created the foundation for entry into the worldwide market through agreements with New York Chelsea K&P Gallery, global enterprises Archidraw, Inc., China VR CORE, and Amazon.


ARTIC is a blockchain-based art gallery platform that uses its own NFT ecosystem toassetizevarious works of art. The use of blockchain technology serves as a key component in encouraging people to reconsider their perceptions of artworks by offering tangible and intangible services which can lead to the exhibition of domestic as well as international artworks along with further impacting the activation of exchanges with artists all over the world. Through the design and development of associated software, blockchain technology encourages active trade and convenience in quality artworks and contributes to the ever-growing expansion of the advanced art culture base.

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