Биткойн, Технический анализ Эфириума: BTC упал до 5-дневного минимума, поскольку число занятых в несельскохозяйственном секторе незначительно ниже

Bitcoin fell to its lowest level this week, following Fridays nonfarm payrolls report, which came in marginally below expectations. 431,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy versus forecasts for an addition of 490,000. ETH also reacted to the news, finally moving below $3,400.



BTC fell for the third consecutive session on Friday, as the worlds largest cryptocurrency dropped to its lowest level this week.

Following a high above $47,591.00 yesterday, BTC/USD traded at an intraday low of $44,403.14 during today’сеанс.

This is the lowest BTC has hit since March 27, and comes days after a failed breakout of the $48,080 price ceiling.

As anticipated earlier this week, the moves of the last several days bear strong resemblance to those of January 2, which was the last time prices were trading in this territory.

Глядя на график, the 14-day RSI has also dropped from Tuesdays high of 70.55, and now sits at 60.08.

Should price strength continue to fall towards its support of 56.50, we could see BTC trading closer to $42,000 to close out the week.



Although ETH was also lower in today’сеанс, it hasnt fallen by as much as BTC, which as of writing is down 3.18%.

ETH/USD is currently down 1.35%, following an intraday low of $3,223.89 during today’сеанс, which is also the lowest since March 27.

Сегодня’s drop in price follows up from a peak of $3,441 during yesterdays market session, as prices traded above resistance of $3,390.

This ceiling has now firmly been broken, with price strength also showing fragility, and the 14-day RSI tailing off from recent highs.

На момент написания, it was tracking at 66.76, just days removed from a peak of over 73 чтобы начать неделю.

Similar to Bitcoin-Tidings.com NewsBTC analysis earlier this week, a reversal was somewhat expected, however the length of this turnaround is still up for debate.

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