LayerzeroLabsが保護します $135 百万からチェーン間の相互運用性を強化

LayerzeroLabsが保護します $135 百万からチェーン間の相互運用性を強化

レイヤーゼロラボ, 相互運用性プロトコル Layerzero を支援する企業, 同社が資金を調達したことを明らかにした $135 アンドリーセン・ホロヴィッツ率いるシリーズA+ファイナンスラウンドで100万ドルを獲得 (a16z), FTXベンチャーズ, とセコイアキャピタル. 新たな資金調達によりLayerzero Labsが設立される’ overall valuation to $1 billion and the funds will be leveraged to develop cross-chain decentralized applications (dapps) powered by Layerzero.

Layerzero Raises $135 Million From Andreessen Horowitz, FTXベンチャーズ, セコイア キャピタル

行進に 30, 2022, the company Layerzero Labs announced it had secured $135 million in a Series A+ funding round. The funding round was led by Sequoia Capital, FTXベンチャーズ, and a16z, and the funding also saw participation from Uniswap Labs, ペイパルベンチャーズ, タイガーグローバル, and Coinbase Ventures. The financing also pushes Layerzero Labs to unicorn status, as the latest capital injection brings the companys overall valuation to $1 十億.

This round is a massive step forward for Layerzero Labs and the unfolding interoperability landscape,” the CEO and co-founder of Layerzero Labs, Bryan Pellegrino said in a statement. “私達’ve brought some of the best and most well respected entities in the world together to accomplish the same goal: create the generic messaging layer that underpins all interoperability between blockchains,” Pellegrino added during the announcement.

つい最近, the startup launched Stargate Finance, a cross-chain liquidity transfer protocol that utilizes Layerzeros generic messaging technology. Layerzero Labs says that after the launch, Stargatesurpassed $3.4 billion in assets secured, and Stargate has sent over $264 million in transfers over Layerzero.Stargate is interoperable with seven blockchains which include Arbitrum, 楽観, Binance スマートチェーン (BSC), イーサリアム, 雪崩, ファントム, and Polygon.

Composability is a defining characteristic in blockchain technology, which Layerzero enables,” Ramnik Arora, an investor from FTX Ventures explained. “Layerzero allows smart contracts on one chain to seamlessly and securely leverage the network of another chain, increasing the value of the entire blockchain ecosystem. The team is a rare combination of vision and technical execution, and we at FTX are honored to support them this past year.

Cross-chain technology has blossomed quite a bit during the last 12 月. Some of the largest decentralized finance (定義) applications like Curve Finance, リド, Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Anchor leverage several blockchains. 執筆時点では, そこの’s $21.63 十億 total value locked across various cross-chain bridges to Ethereum.

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