Digital currency markets have continued to slide downward in value as the crypto economy has dropped by 14% 過去に 24 時間. Amid the market rout, the native Terra blockchain token LUNA has dropped to fresh new lows, slipping to

LayerzeroLabsが保護します $135 百万からチェーン間の相互運用性を強化

Layerzero Labs, the firm behind the interoperability protocol Layerzero, has revealed the company has raised $135 million in a Series A+ finance round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), FTX Ventures, and Sequoia Capital. The new financing brings Layerzero Labsoverall valuation

Solana-PoweredDefiプラットフォームOrcaRaises $18 ミリオン—AMMコマンドオーバー $300 ミリオンTVL

The decentralized exchange (デックス) platform Orca has announced the platform has raised $18 million in a Series A financing round with Polychain, Placeholder, and Three Arrows co-leading the funding. The dex platform is a Solana-based project that aims to be the