Polygon Announces Upcoming Hard Fork to Address Gas Spikes and Chain Reorganizations

The Ethereum scaling blockchain, ポリゴン, has revealed plans to initiate a hard fork on Jan. 17, 2023. チームによると, the network upgrade willreduce the severity of gas spikes” と “address chain reorganizations (reorgs) in an effort to reduce

最大の発動機: ADA Hits All-Time Low on Friday, MATIC Extends Recent Downtrend

Cardano fell to an all-time low on Friday, as sentiment in crypto markets remained bearish in today’のセッション. The token fell for a third consecutive day, with prices moving below a key price floor in the process. Polygon also extended recent

仮想通貨決済会社BitpayがMATICサポートを追加, Panini America が Polygon Payments を受け入れる

ビットコインと仮想通貨の決済サービス プロバイダーである Bitpay は、同社が Polygon をサポートするようになったことを発表しました。 (マチック) 通信網. 同事務所によると, Bitpay アプリのユーザーは保存できるようになります, トレード, 今週後半にMATICを使う, and the collectibles company

Redditの収集可能なNFTアバターに関連する二次販売量が急増 $5 100万

Reddit’s non-fungible token (NFT) avatars have produced significant market action in the NFT industry, as the collectible’s secondary market sales reached more than $5 million on October 24 across more than 20,000 販売. The demand for Reddit’s collectible NFT avatars minted

最大の発動機: MATIC が 3 週間ぶりの高値を記録, LINK up ほぼ 10%

Polygon raced to a three-week high during today’のセッション, as bullish sentiment returned to cryptocurrency markets. Chainlink was also in the green, as the token surged for a second straight day, rising by almost 10% 過程の中で. 全体, the global

最大の発動機: MATIC が 2 週間ぶりの高値に, 市場のボラティリティが緩和するにつれて

Polygon was a notable mover on Friday as the token surged to a two-week high, while volatility in crypto markets eased. Traders have been tense this week ahead of the payrolls report, however following the release of the data, bulls returned

$19.2 数十億の賭けられた資産—カーブのTVLを超える液体ステーキングソリューションリド

While the total value locked (TVL) 分散型金融で (定義) hovers just above the $214 billion mark, a defi protocol called Lido has been moving closer toward taking Curves top spot in terms of TVL in a defi protocol. 現在, の…