Financial Giant Fidelity Files Trademarks for Crypto, NFT, and Metaverse Products

Fidelity Investments, a major financial services firm with $10 trillion in assets under administration, has filed several trademark applications for a wide range of cryptocurrency, 代替不可能なトークン (NFT), and metaverse products and services. Fidelity’s Crypto and Metaverse Trademark Applications Fidelity Investments

忠実度: 74% デジタル資産への投資計画を調査した機関投資家の割合

A new study by Fidelity Digital Assets, a subsidiary of financial giant Fidelity Investments, shows that 58% of institutional investors surveyed invested in digital assets in the first half of this year and 74% plan to invest in the future. 忠実度’s…

Fidelity がポートフォリオ保険としてのビットコインについて議論 — 間もなく法定通貨がとる道とは「まったく対照的」になる可能性がある

Fidelity Digital Assets, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, says that bitcoin could be considered portfolio insurance. The firm notes that the cryptocurrencymay soon stand in stark contrast to the path that the rest of the world and fiat currencies may

米国の議員は、仮想通貨への投資を許可する法案を提出します 401(k) 退職金制度

いくつかの米国. 議員は、退職貯蓄近代化法を導入して、 401(k) 退職貯蓄者は幅広い投資にアクセスできます, 暗号資産を含む. “過去最高のインフレで, 株式市場の低迷, そして、地平線上の潜在的な不況,…

ElonMuskが暗号通貨に優しいBinanceからの資金を確保, セコイア, Twitterを購入する忠実度

Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk has secured $7.139 billion in new financing commitments to fund his acquisition of Twitter, including from several pro-crypto companies. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance, for example, has committed to invest $500 million in the social media platform

フィデリティインベストメンツが暗号通貨を発表, メタバースETF—「私たちは引き続き需要を見ている」と述べています

Fidelity Investments, one of the largest financial services firms with more than $11 trillion under administration, is launching exchange-traded funds (ETF) focusing on the crypto ecosystem and the metaverse. “We continue to see demand, particularly from young investors, for access to


Fidelity Digital Assets has released a report explaining why bitcoin is a superior form of money. The report discusses the future of the digital asset ecosystem and compares bitcoin to newer and smaller cryptocurrencies. Fidelity SaysBitcoin FirstFidelity Digital Assets,…