According to the startup Starkware, the teams Ethereum layer two (L2) service Starknet has been integrated by the blockchain API and node service Alchemy. Developers can now leverage Alchemys infrastructure tools alongside Starknets zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup technology.


Israel-Based Startup Starkware Partners With Alchemy

月曜日に, the blockchain startup Starkware 発表した the team has inked a strategic partnership with Alchemy. The partnership will allow Alchemy customers to build decentralized finance (定義) and Web3 applications using Starknet, Starkwares Ethereum layer two (L2) サービス.

本質的に, Alchemy is a blockchain infrastructure firm that provides node services and blockchain APIs to clients. For instance, 錬金術’s Supernode provides API call data for networks like Ethereum, ポリゴン, 決断, 楽観, and Flow.

Starkware 明らかに the Alchemy collaboration on Twitter and further 指摘した that Alchemys suite of products willmake it easier and more accessible for the growing number of developers to build on Starknet.

The L2 product Starknets rollups use ZK-based computations that utilize validity proofs and the project claims Starknet gas fees are “100x lowerthan layer one (L1) イーサリアム手数料. The defi perpetuals and derivatives protocol Dydx leverages ZK-based rollup tech that is similar to Starknets underlying framework.

“私達’re excited about supporting Starknet because we believe that Starknets utilization of validity and ZK-rollups offer solutions to core Web3 problems,” Alchemy said in a statement published on Monday. “These solutions increase scalability by bundling transactions together off-chain, and then verifying them on-chain with just a fraction of the costs.Alchemy continued:

But in contrast to other Layer 2 scaling solutions, such as optimistic rollups that can take longer to confirm transactions, validity rollups use what are called validity proofs to instantly prove if transactions are valid or not.

Starkware Valued at $2 十億

The Alchemy integration follows Starkware revealing at the end of February that Starknet Alpha was deployed on mainnet. 十一月に, Starkware raised $50 million in a Series C led by Sequoia Capital, と $173 100万 in overall capital injections propped the Israel-based startups valuation to $2 十億. The co-inventor of Starknet and co-founder and president of Starkware, Eli Ben-Sasson, believes the partnership will be a game-changer.

It means that with Alchemys infrastructure, the developer community now can more easily access Starknet, the most cutting edge permissionless scaling platform, harnessing the power of validity proofs,” the Starkware executive remarked in the partnership announcement.

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