Le détaillant italien de luxe Michele Franzese Moda révèle que la marque de mode accepte les paiements cryptographiques

Le détaillant italien de luxe Michele Franzese Moda révèle que la marque de mode accepte les paiements cryptographiques

La marque de luxe italienne Michele Franzese Moda a annoncé que la société acceptait les actifs cryptographiques pour les paiements. La société a révélé la décision via Michele Franzese Moda’s magazine en ligne dans un article intitulé “Son temps pour Crypto.”

Italian luxury Brand Michele Franzese Moda SaysIts Time for Crypto

Selon la société’s fashion news blog, Michele Franzese Mode will accept bitcoins (BTC) and a number of other crypto assets for items stemming from the luxury catalog. le announcement post says that its time for the luxury brand to accept crypto and going forward e-commerce and Android shoppers will be able to pay with digital currencies.

Luxury Italian Retailer Michele Franzese Moda Reveals Fashion Brand Accepts Crypto Payments

Actuellement, Michele Franzese Mode will accept payments in bitcoins (BTC), Bitcoin en espèces (BCH), bitcoinsv (BSV), cardan (IL Y A), dogecoin (DOGE), ethereum (ETH), voyager token (VGX), solana (SOL), pois (POINT), Suggestions de sondages récents (Suggestions de sondages récents) and a number of other crypto tokens. The announcement claims thatMichele Franzese Moda is the first major Italian luxury multi-brand retailer to accept cryptocurrency.

Michele Franzese Moda is a fashion retailer from South Italy, headquartered in Domenico Morelli, Napoli. Selon la société, the retailers app gives customers aluxury catalog with over 8000 itemsto choose from and many new arrivals in terms of product offerings. According to the blog post announcement concerning crypto acceptance, the luxury fashion retailer will be leveraging Voyager Digitals Coinify payment system. L'entreprise’s official Facebook page also shared the crypto acceptance news on March 15.

Michele Franzese Mode’s Facebook announcement says:

Pay in Crypto. Visit our online boutique or download our app MFModa Android and choose among bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin, cardan, and even more.

While Michele Franzese Modas crypto acceptance is a different form of support, many luxury fashion firms are getting into blockchain tech via the metaverse and non-fungible token collectibles. Par exemple, a number of popular fashion brands will be appearing at Decentralands Metaverse Fashion Week on March 24 – 27, 2022. The list of attendees includes well known names like Vogue Arabia, Jacob & Co, Dolce & Gabbana, Franck Muller, Tommy Hilfiger, and Selfridges to name a few.

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