Rapportera: Kina kommer att bli en Metaverse Tech Leader under 2023

A report issued by Globaldata, a global consulting and data analysis company, predicts that China will become a leading country in metaverse tech during 2023. The firm believes that the development of other technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR),…

Kinesiska tekniska jättar Tencent och Bytedance Plan Cuts i sina Metaverse-divisioner

Enligt rapporter, Tencent and Bytedance, two Chinese tech giants, are planning to execute a significant number of job cuts in their metaverse divisions. Tencent recognized it is making some staff adjustments, amidst rumors of hundreds of layoffs in its extended

Endast 4% av företag i Spanien har flyttat för att erbjuda tjänster i metaversen

Endast 4% of the companies in Spain have managed to apply the metaverse to their operations, according to a survey conducted by ISDI, a national business school. 40% of the business managers surveyed have admitted that it is difficult for them

Meta förbereder sig enligt uppgift för en ny uppsägningsrunda

Meta, the company that owns Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook, is reportedly preparing to announce a new round of layoffs in the coming days. Enligt rapporter, the company is delaying the finalization of the budget for each one of its teams,…

Microsoft sägs stänga ner Industrial Metaverse Focused Group

Software giant Microsoft is shutting down one of its most significant groups dedicated to the development and promotion of the industrial metaverse. Enligt rapporter, the company terminated its whole Industrial Metaverse Core group, which was composed of 100 employees, som…

Metaverse Tokens överträffar bästa kryptotillgångar i 2023 Med Decentralands MANA i spetsen

During the first month of 2023, the top two leading cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ethereum, experienced double-digit gains against the U.S. dollar. Under tiden, several alternative cryptocurrencies saw even greater increases in value, with metaverse tokens like Decentralands MANA and The Sandboxs SAND

Försäkringsjätten Tokio Marine kommer att erbjuda sina tjänster i metaversen

Tokio Marine, the biggest property/casualty insurance group in Japan, is taking its services and operations into the metaverse. Gruppen, som har mer än 39,000 employees all over the world, will allow its users to review and purchase insurance products on

Det argentinska fotbollsförbundet AFA samarbetar med Upland för att komma in i Metaverse

The Argentine Soccer Association, AFA, has partnered with Upland, a virtual world platform, to introduce its fans to the metaverse. Upland will allow Argentine fans to have a bigger connection with AFA history, presenting the opportunity to acquire digital representations of

Samsung investerar mer än $35 Miljontals i Latam-fokuserade Metaverse-initiativ

Samsung, the Korean electronics behemoth, has revealed it is currently investing more than $35 million dollars in metaverse initiatives for the Latam audience. The objective behind this move is to help the brand attract and connect with younger audiences, as part

Meta kommer att fortsätta att driva in Metaverse-investeringar 2023 Enligt Head Of Reality Labs

Meta will continue to invest in VR (virtual reality) tech in 2023, according to statements made by Andrew Bosworth, head of Reality Labs, the metaverse division of the company. While Meta has made some changes and adapted to the current shaky