Att Saudiarabien går med i BRICS skulle påskynda användningen av kinesiska yuan som handelsvaluta, Säger professor

Professor Ashok Swain of Uppsala University’s Department of Peace and Conflict Research says Saudi Arabia joining the BRICS economic bloc “would accelerate the bilateral trading being conducted using the yuan as the trading currency. ” How Saudi Arabia Joining BRICS Could Boost

Syrien uppmanar BRICS att leda i att dumpa dollar, Samtalar Yuan-adoption med Kina

BRICS nations can lead efforts to abandon the U.S. dollar in international settlements, according to President Bashar Assad of Syria. At a meeting with China’s top diplomat for the region, the leader of the war-torn Middle Eastern country called for using

Världens största regionala organisation som byter till bosättningar i nationella valutor

A China-led regional organization that covers more than half of Eurasia intends to transition to settlements in the currencies of its members. While the plan is to abandon the U.S. dollar in mutual payments, participating nations are yet to consider a

Kina driver digital yuan för lönebetalningar i Changshu

Changshu, a city in China with more than 1.5 million inhabitants, will pay public workerswages with the Chinese central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital yuan. The move marks an acceleration of the adoption plans that Beijing has for the

Bitcoin, Ethereum teknisk analys: ETH Tillbaka Ovan $2,100, som BTC återhämtar sig från 1-veckors låg

Ethereum moved back above $2,100 på tisdag, as markets reacted to the latest gross domestic product (GDP) report from China. Chinese GDP rose by 4.5% during the first quarter of the year, higher than the 4% expected. Bitcoin rebounded from earlier

Frankrikes president Emmanuel Macron om Taiwan: "Att vara allierad betyder inte att vara en vasall"

French president Emmanuel Macron has decided to double down on his strategic autonomy policy thesis, declaring that Europe should not be forced to side with Beijing or Washington on Taiwan. Macron declared that being a U.S. ally ‘does not mean being

Brasiliens president Lula uppmanar utvecklingsländerna att överge dollarn som global reservvaluta

According to Brazil’s president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, developing countries should abandon the U.S. dollar and strengthen their own national currencies. During a speech at the New Development Bank in Shanghai, Lula expressed his nightly pondering: “Why do all countries

Frankrikes president Emmanuel Macron säger att Europa måste minska sitt beroende av den amerikanska dollarn för att undvika att bli "vasaller"

Emmanuel Macron, president of France, clarified his position on the future of Europe and its relations with China and the U.S. in the short term. Returning from his visit to Beijing, Macron believes that Europe should avoid getting caught up in

Saudiarabien stärker bandet med Kina genom att gå med i SCO Bloc som dialogpartner

China’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is growing as the country’s Cabinet has agreed to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The diplomatic move made by the kingdom began with a memorandum of understanding in September, and at the end of March,…

Kina redo att tala om den asiatiska valutafonden för att minska dollarberoendet, Malaysia säger

An idea to establish an Asian Monetary Fund has caught the attention of the Chinese leadership, the head of the Malaysian government revealed. The prime minister believes there is no reason for his country, which is hurting from a strong U.S….