Glöm inte vikten av censurmotstånd

Since people are once again talking about self-custody as one of cryptos unique strengths, I would like to remind everyone about an equally important fundamental value proposition of crypto that, in the early days, was touted as the killer feature. jag’m

Ethereums pivot till Proof-of-Stake-konsensus oroar användare om möjligheten till censur på protokollnivå

Den kommande konsensus förändrar att Ethereum, den näst största kryptovalutan efter börsvärde, planerar att köra i september har oroat många användare om möjligheten att censur sker på protokollnivå. Detta innebär att, even by interacting directly with

Wasabi Wallet börjar censurera Coinjoin-transaktioner

Wasabi Wallet, a privacy-oriented bitcoin-only wallet, has announced it will start introducing censorship methods into its mixing procedures. The announcement was made on social media, where the official account of Wasabi explained that a blacklist will prevent some UTXOs (unspent transaction

Kina censurerar korta videor med kryptotema som delas online

An industry organization controlled by the Chinese government has updated a list of topics users of video-sharing apps should avoid. Crypto-related content is now among the entries along with traditional taboos in China like mocking its leadership, provoking sectarianism, and showing

$7.5 Million NFT Collection anklagas för att ha använt konst utan tillstånd hotad av rättsliga åtgärder

While non-fungible token (NFT) assets have been extremely popular in 2021, där’s been a slew of issues tied to the ecosystem as well. A recent report indicates that roughly a dozen artists are considering taking legal action against an NFT collection

Politisk serietecknare anklagar NFT-plattformar Opensea, Rarible av att vara "verktyg för politisk censur"

While non-fungibe token (NFT) collectibles have been very popular, NFTs have brought a slew of unique debates to the table and one of them has been censorship. The artist behind Stonetoss Comics, a series of political cartoons, has been censored by