Openseas NFT-försäljningsvolym genom alla tider $20 Miljard

Data indikerar den icke-fungibla token (NFT) marknadsplatsen Opensea har passerat $20 miljarder i försäljning genom tiderna. Den ledande NFT-marknaden har sett mer än 1.2 miljoner handlare utnyttjar plattformen sedan marknaden’s start i 2017.

1.2 Miljoner Opensea handlare och $20 Billion in Sales Volume

Metrics show that the NFT marketplace Opensea has surpassed $20 billion in all-time sales volume, according to The NFT market was created five years ago by the entrepreneurs Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah.

Opensea allows users to sell NFTs at a fixed price and they can also leverage the auction method to sell their non-fungible tokens. When the market started in 2017, Ethereum was the blockchain of choice but recently Opensea has added support for the layer-two (L2) Polygon blockchain network.

Dune Analytics data shows that Openseas transaction count and USD volume has increased over the last 30 dagar. I skrivande stund, metrics indicate 30-day sales have risen by 35.17%.

While Opensea is the leading NFT marketplace today, the new entrant Looksrare has been a competitor. Data shows that the NFT market Looksrares all-time volume is $14.68 miljard, but Lookrares trade volume is considered contestable.

Looksrares sales figures have been adjusted on analytics web portals as the market has been reportedlyhit by washtrading.”

Opensea has a slew of competitors like Rarible, Magiska Eden, Atommarknad,, Foundation, Digitaleyes Market, och mer. i alla fall, Magiska Eden, processing the highest number of sales out of the aforementioned NFT markets, has only seen $582.31 million in all-time sales.

Axie Infinity, on the other hand, has processed $4.08 miljarder i försäljning genom tiderna, ranking the project third in terms of amount of NFT sales, behind Opensea and Looksrare.

Prior to the $20 miljarder i försäljning genom tiderna, Öppet hav acquired Dharma Labs and in January the company raised $300 miljon, propelling the firms valuation to $13.3 miljard.

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