Miamis borgmästare Francis Suarez planerar att ta en bråkdel av sina 401k i Bitcoin

Miamis borgmästare Francis Suarez planerar att ta en bråkdel av sina 401k i Bitcoin

During the first week of November, the reelected Miami mayor Francis Suarez explained that he would receive part of his salary in bitcoin via the payment processor Strike. A month later, speaking at Real Visions Takeover event in Las Vegas, Suarez revealed he plans to take part of his 401k in bitcoin as well.


Pro-Bitcoin Miami Mayor Plans to Convert a Portion of His 401k Into Crypto

Miami mayor Francis Suarez is a big fan of bitcoin (BTC) and he has spoken about his fascination with cryptocurrency on various occasions. In mid-October, Suarez told the press that he was building Miami into Americas crypto capital and the mayor stressed that cryptocurrency is amajor priorityfor him. Suarez also berättade Chinese miners to relocate to Miami and leverage Floridas abundant nuclear energy after China banned bitcoin mining.

Last month, Suarez avslöjat he was utilizing the third-party payment processor Strike to get a portion of his paycheck converted into bitcoin. Dessutom, a growing number of mayors in cities across the U.S. have förklarade they too have an interest in getting paid in bitcoin. Now Miami mayor Francis Suarez is taking it a step further and converting some of his retirement money into bitcoin as well. Speaking with the Real Vision managing editor Samuel Burke in Las Vegas, Suarez remarked that it was apersonal choice.

I just think it is a good asset to be invested in. I think its one thats obviously going to appreciate over time. Det’s one that I believe in,” Suarez said. Burke asked the Miami mayor if he would invest his 401k in bitcoin next year and Suarez replied, “Oh yeah! Definitely.The Miami mayor further added:

Blockchain has succeeded so well because people have confidence in it. They have confidence in it because they see that its an open-source and an un-manipulatable system. And I think that is the source of the popularity and why its done so well.

Suarez Discusses Obtaining a Crypto Yield From Miamicoin, Paying Municipal Fees in Bitcoin

Suarez explained last month that Miami residents may soon get access to abitcoin yieldthat stems from the citys own crypto-asset calledMiamicoin (MIA).” New York City also has its own coin calledNYCand both NYC and MIA can be mined. The Miami mayor also told Real Visions managing editor that Miami residents will soon be able to pay municipal fees in BTC.

We just had an industry day for bitcoin exchanges, och vi’re in the process of putting out an RFP (request for proposal) on that,” Suarez remarked during his interview. The Miami mayor told Burke that because he has income stemming from the private sector it gives him the right to invest his 401k in crypto. “I do have private-sector income,” Suarez concluded. “Så, in fairness, my mayoral salary is not 100% of my income. So its a part of my income I can do this type of investment with.

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