HUMAN-protokollet (HMT) Meddelar notering på Bitfinex

September 16th, 2021 09:00 UTCThe HUMAN Protocol Foundation, the team behind HUMAN-protokollet, have announced today that the Protocols native utility token, HMT, is listed on Bitfinex.

Bitfinex is one of the crypto worlds legacy exchanges. It consistently performs as one of the highest ranked exchanges, taking into account trading volume, liquidity, website visits, and compatible fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.) It offers users state-of-the-art trading tools, and high-quality customer service.

We are delighted to bring our community access to HMT on such a prestigious exchange,” said Haryjot Singh, Director of Technology at the HUMAN Protocol Foundation. “Bitfinex is one of the highest quality crypto exchanges, one of the legacy platforms that offers users a first-class trading experience. We are already fortunate to work with some top exchanges, and we hope Bitfinex offers our users another great opportunity to interact with HMT.

HMT broke the CoinList record for the number of participants in an ICO, adding 63,000 new stakeholders to the HUMAN community. HMT is the native utility token of HUMAN Protocol, meaning work is paid for in HMT. All services within the network, such as data sanitation and quality verification of responses, are also rewarded in HMT.

As the use of HMT increases, both in and outside the HUMAN ecosystem, it is important that it also becomes more accessible. With each listing, we increase the circulation of the token, and ensure it remains accessible to those requesting work, and attractive to both Workers and those completing roles within the network,” said Haryjot.

Deposits for HMT on Bitfinex open at 09:00 UTC on September 20th, and trading opens the following day, on the 21st, på 09:00 UTC.


About HUMAN Protocol

HUMAN-protokollet is an infrastructure to support the automated management and payment of a distributed workforce, working to complete any kind of task. A workforce can be any pool of workers that contributes value, paid for the work they do, whether big or small. The Protocol is decentralized, trustless, och, because it runs on the blockchain, it can automate the lifecycle of a job through smart contracts, while offering microtransactions for microwork. It has the potential to create new markets, and innovate old ones, as demonstrated by the first job market on the Protocol: a permissionless, automated market for data labeling, offering ML practitioners a chance to curate better datasets, and Workers to earn for labeling data.

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