Bitcoin-prisutsikter för juni — Marknadsförhållandena visar osäkerhet

Ten days into June, bitcoin continues to trade lower, with prices hovering close to a twelve-month low. Trots detta, there continues to be optimism around potential rallies in price over the next few weeks. Övergripande, there is still a lot of

Största Movers: DET ÄR uppe 13% på måndag, THETA går mot flerveckorshöjd

Crypto markets were mainly in the green to start the week, with several assets climbing by double digits on Monday. One of these was ADA, which rose by as much as 13% i dag. THETA also climbed higher, gaining nearly 15%. Cardano…

När BTC glider mot motstånd, chansen för en sällsynt trippeltoppformation kommer in

The cryptocurrency economy has shed a lot of value during the last six months dropping 48.70% från $3.08 trillion to today’s $1.58 biljon. While crypto markets looks extremely bearish these days, a few crypto advocates have theorized the bear market will

Största Movers: LINK svävar nära långtidsstöd när ZIL förlorar 10% av dess värde

ZIL was down by as much as 10% att starta veckan, as prices continued to fall following recent highs. LINK was also predominantly red on Monday, as it marginally fell below the long-term support level, hitting a one-month low in

Största Movers: ETC upp 80% under den senaste veckan, som Loopring Gains 42% på onsdag

Loopring was trading by over 42% på onsdag, overtaking QNT as the worlds 65th largest crypto in the process. This came as ethereum classic was trading 10.30% higher on the day, taking its one week gain to over 80%. Loopring (LRC)…

Teknisk analys: Cosmos Down 10%, som ANC utökar senaste vinster

Cosmos was 10% lower on Saturday, as the red wave once again submerged crypto markets. Trots detta, Anchor protocol was again able to extend gains, climbing by as much as 15% in the process. Kosmos (ATOM) Kosmos (ATOM) was able to

Bitcoin, Ethereum teknisk analys: ETH, BTC återhämtning efter helgförsäljning

Bitcoin and ethereum prices rebounded on Monday, after declining throughout the weekend. As the Russian invasion of Ukraine heightened, crypto traders appeared to take a risk-off approach this weekend, however some bulls seemed to return to start the week. Bitcoin Bitcoin

Bitcoin, Ethereum teknisk analys: BTC, ETH-priserna faller lägre mot USD

Cryptocurrency markets were trading lower for a second consecutive session, leaving bitcoin and ethereum both in the red. Övergripande, the crypto market cap was nearly 2% lower as of writing. Bitcoin Bitcoin bulls were nowhere to be found on Thursday, som…

Teknisk analys: Solana Surges 15%, som Loopring Priset sjunker

Solana was trading close to 15% higher on Tuesday, as crypto markets were mostly in the green to start February. This comes as markets look set to move past Januarys red wave. Biggest gainers Cryptocurrency markets were mostly bullish during Tuesday’s…

Bitcoin, Ethereum teknisk analys: Bitcoin rör sig högre när kryptomarknaderna återhämtar sig på lördag

Following two consecutive days of losses, bitcoin and ethereum both rebounded strongly to start the weekend. Crypto markets were trading close to 5% higher on Saturday. Bitcoin The worlds largest cryptocurrency regained some upward momentum on Saturday, as bitcoin bulls appeared