Alameda Research Seeks $446 Million Over Alleged ‘Preferential Transfers’ to Voyager Digital

På måndag, Alameda Research Ltd. filed a legal complaint against Voyager Digital LLC and HTC Trading Inc. i USA. bankruptcy court. The complaint alleges the defendants received preferential transfers of property from Alameda Research and the plaintiffs are seeking to

Bank Buys Bitcoin in Kazakhstan, Country to Develop Crypto Exchange

A financial institution and a coin trading platform in Kazakhstan have teamed up to carry out what they say is the countrys first such joint transaction for the acquisition of cryptocurrency. Under tiden, Kazakstan’s leadership has declared readiness to further develop crypto

Ukrainare erbjöd nya kryptotjänster, Bitcoin-kort

Tillsammans med den växande populariteten för kryptovalutor, Ukrainare njuter av ett växande utbud av relaterade tjänster och produkter. Förutom nya alternativ att köpa och byta mynt, crypto users in the country will be offered two cards that will allow them to