Ekonomen Peter Schiff varnar för en ny, Inkommande stora depressionskris, Kritiserar vilseledande inflationssiffror

Peter Schiff, best-selling author and chief economist of Europac, has warned about the coming of a new great depression period in America. In an interview, Schiff stated that official Consumer Price Index (KPI) numbers were designed to mislead the public and

Japans inflation stiger till 3.5% som ny BOJ-guvernör tar rodret

Denna vecka, the Statistics Bureau of Japan unveiled the latest core consumer price index (KPI) report for the country, revealing a surge to 3.5%. This figure comes as a surprise to analysts who had predicted a more modest 2.9% for the

Guld faller på högre amerikanska statsräntor, Dollar

Prices of gold, and other precious metals, fell on Wednesday due to stronger U.S. yields and national currency. The decline comes on the backdrop of expectations of new interest rate increases next month amid persistent inflation in the United States and

IMF blogg: Räntorna sjunker till nivåer före pandemi när inflationen har tämjts

When inflation in advanced economies is tamed, real interest rates are likely to drop to pre-pandemic levels, the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) blog post has said. According to the authors of the blog post, the transition to acleaner economy

Kärninflation på uppåtgående trend, Ytterligare prishöjningar förväntas, ECB Execs säger

Amid underlying inflationary pressures, further interest rate increases may still be needed, members of the European Central Bank’s Governing Council have admitted. På samma gång, the cycle with the highest hikes may soon be over, the officials indicated. Slutet av…

"Panik 2023": James Corbett förklarar hur bankkris kan leda till CBDC "Mardröm av total monetär kontroll"

Investigative journalist James Corbett has recently referred to the ongoing global banking crisis involving SVB, Signature Bank, Credit Suisse and others as thePanic of 2023,drawing comparisons to what he views as historical precedents, and pointing ahead to an inevitable

Google Trends-data avslöjar sökningar efter "bankkris,’ ‘Bankkörningar,’ Skyrocket

Interest in the U.S. banking crisis has risen greatly over the past two weeks, as shown by Google Trends data. There has been a sharp increase in queries related to search terms such asbanking crisis,” “bank collapse,” och “bank failure.”…

"Fiat är bräcklig" - Silicon Valley Banks kollaps ger fingerpekande och oro för smitta

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has become the center of attention after its collapse prompted the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to shut the bank down on Friday. It was the largest U.S. bank failure since 2008, and various alleged catalysts

Silicon Valley Bank möter ekonomiska elände när lagret stoppas, Säljer $21 Miljardobligationsportfölj på en $1.8 Miljardförlust

På marsch 10, 2023, market observers are discussing the troubles Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) faces, as the firm’s stock slid more than 60% in the last 24 timmar. SVB was forced to sell a $21 billion bond portfolio at a $1.8

Expert förutspår hotande ekonomisk kollaps när BRICS-länderna förenas mot dollarn

Andy Schectman, VD för Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments, förklarade i en intervju nyligen att de fem ledande tillväxtekonomierna—Brasilien, Ryssland, Indien, Kina, och Sydafrika, kollektivt kända som BRICS-nationer—är “sammansmälta mot dollarn.” Schectman tror att sedan 2022, de-dollarisering…