World Bank Report Forecasts Bleak Global Economic Outlook, Citing ‘Adverse Developments’ and ‘Long-Lasting Slowdown’

On Jan. 10, 2023, the World Bank published its Global Economic Prospects report, stating that the outlook for the global economy and future economic conditions is bleak. According to the report, 2023 growth forecasts have been cut across the board, med…

Remitteringar till låg- och medelinkomstländer i 2022 Upp förbi 5% till $626 Miljard — Senaste Världsbankens rapport

Despite the headwinds that have dominated the year, remittances to low and middle-income countries in 2022 still grew by 5% till $626 miljard, the World Bank Migration and Development Brief has said. Afrika, where the cost of sending $200 averaged 7.8%

WEF:s stora återställningsagenda fortsätter att få betydande återhämtning från kritiker

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, världen’s bureaucrats, financial institutions, multinational corporations, and international organizations started promoting the Great Reset concept, an idea launched by the World Economic Forum (WEF) that claims to bolster a greener and fairer world. Eftersom…

Rapportera: Bank of Spain Worried About Inflation and Its Consequences in Latam

The Bank of Spain has issued a new report about the performance of Latam economies during the first six months of the year. The document states that the current inflationary development that several countries of the region have can lead to

Medan globala marknader blir skrämda av Covid och en Hawkish Fed, Aktier och kryptoåterhämtning efter att Musk köper Twitter

Wall Street suffered Monday morning as the major U.S. stock indexes dropped further, building on losses gathered last week. Reports indicate that investors are concerned about the upcoming Federal Reserve rate hikes and Chinas recent Covid-19 outbreak. As equities floundered on

ASIC gruvriggtillverkare Canaan avslöjar $100 Program för återköp av miljoner aktier

The application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) manufacturer Canaan has revealed the firm is offering a stock buyback for up to $100 miljon. Canaans chairman and CEO Nangeng Zhang highlighted in a U.S. säkerhet och utbytesprovision (SEC) filing that the move was

Thailand planerar att bli "Krypto-positivt samhälle" - guvernör säger "Krypto är framtiden"

Thailand is laying the groundwork to become acrypto-positive societywith the aim to attract crypto holders and boost its tourism industry. The country hopes to gain back some of the $80 billion in lost tourism revenue due to the Covid-19

Sydafrikanska innehavare av kryptotoken oroade över fondernas status, Det går inte att dra tillbaka som utlovat

A group of South African cryptocurrency investors have voiced concerns about the fate of their investment in the Fight to Fame (F2F token) after they reportedly were unable to withdraw their funds as promised. Token Sale Attracts Over 2,000 Applicants According

Remitteringar till Afrika kommer att komma förbi 5.4 % till $41 Miljarder — Covid-19-pandemi och höga sändningskostnader skylls

According to findings from the Continental Migration Report 2021, remittances to African countries are projected to decrease from the $44 billion recorded in 2020 till $41 miljard. The Covid Effect As expected, the Covid-19 pandemic is identified as one of the