Pakistans banker använder blockchain-teknik för KYC

Banks in Pakistan plan to launch an electronic platform for know-your-customer procedures that will be operating on a national level. The blockchain-based system will allow them to exchange the personal information of customers through what they describe as a decentralized and

Crypto Association i Turkiet lovar att blockera utbyten som "utsätter handlare"

A new organization has been established in Turkey with the aim to monitor and help develop the country’s crypto sector, rapporterade lokala medier. Its first task will be to address recent problems with some cryptocurrency exchanges and boost confidence in the

Ryska banker föreslår kriminalisering av kryptolagring i icke-förvarsbara plånböcker

Keeping cryptocurrencies in non-custodial wallets may be criminalized in Russia, if authorities accept a proposal from the trade association representing Russian banks. While financial regulators think the idea deserves attention, lawmakers and experts doubt its possible to implement such a measure….

Crypto Exchange Binance går med i expertcenter på Russian Banks Association

Digital asset exchange Binance has become the first crypto company to support the Association of Banks of Russia in efforts devoted to regulating the countrys growing cryptocurrency market. The coin trading platform will also work with authorities in Moscow as they

Kina censurerar korta videor med kryptotema som delas online

An industry organization controlled by the Chinese government has updated a list of topics users of video-sharing apps should avoid. Crypto-related content is now among the entries along with traditional taboos in China like mocking its leadership, provoking sectarianism, and showing