Uncertainty Surrounds Federal Reserve’s Future Plans for Rate Hikes

USA. Federal Reserve has raised the benchmark bank rate seven times during the course of 2022, leading many to question when the central bank will cease or change course. The Fed has stated that it aims to bring inflation down

Core Scientific Shares Downgraded After SEC Filing Hints at Possible Bankruptcy

One of the largest publicly listed bitcoin miners, Kärnvetenskaplig, has shaken investors with a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that raises the possibility the company may apply for bankruptcy protection. The filing notes that Core Scientific

US Inflation Remains Scorching Hot, Jumping to 9.1% in June — White House Says CPI Data Is Already ‘Out-of-Date’

According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI) Rapportera, U.S. inflation remains scorching hot as it has risen at the fastest yearly rate since 1981. juni’s CPI data reflected a 9.1% year-over-year increase, even though a number

Plan B:s aktie-till-flödesprismodell fördömd av Vitalik Buterin, Säger att modellen kan vara "skadlig"

Sedan några år tillbaka, den pseudonyma skaparen av det populära stock-to-flow (S2F) bitcoin prismodell, Plan B, har blivit en mycket välkänd bitcoin-influencersamling 1.8 miljoner Twitter-följare. i alla fall, efter att S2F-prismodellen gjorde det’t come to fruition

Medan aktier återhämtar sig, Analytiker diskuterar Bitcoins avkoppling, Guldmarknaderna är fortfarande "under press"

U.S. equities markets jumped on Thursday as stock traders saw some relief after a number of weekly losses. All the major stock indexes rebounded after falling for nearly eight weeks in a row, while the crypto economy took some losses on

Ädelmetaller, Kryptovalutor, Börserna vacklar efter Powells uttalanden om räntehöjningar

Equities, crypto markets, and precious metals did well during the early morning trading sessions on Wednesday, just before the U.S. central bank wrapped up its Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) möte. While the Fed said in a statement that the benchmark

USA:s inflation hoppar högst in 40 år till 7%, Demokrater är oroliga för att inflationen kommer att hemsöka partiet

One of the hottest topics in the United States in 2022 is the rising inflation, as the U.S. Labor Departments data published on Wednesday indicated that the consumer price index (CPI) rose to 7% in December. This represents the largest annual