ABEY är en av de snabbast växande blockkedjorna i världen som lägger till 20,000 Nya adresser varje vecka

Denna vecka, ABEY har meddelat att det har lagt till ett genomsnitt på 20,000 aktiv ABEY 2.0 adresser varje vecka sedan början av augusti 2021, making it one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the world and finishing an exceptional week that included the ABEY token being listed on Liquid Global, a premier international cryptocurrency exchange.

ABEY developers say there are more than 120,000 aktiv ABEY 2.0 addresses today, quadrupling from 30,000 addresses at the beginning of August.

Developers say this growth began around the first airdrop of XT, the native token of XSWAP on August 17th.

This news follows the confirmation that ABEY token, the native token of third-generation blockchain platform ABEYCHAIN, is now listed on popular cryptocurrency exchange Liquid Global.


Major milestone for ABEY

This development indicates the rapid growth of the ABEY ecosystem and will expose the token to more users globally. Liquid Global is a Japan-based exchange that ranks among the top 20 exchanges based on the daily traded spot volume of BTC/JPAY trading pairs.

The exchange also recently achieved an all-time trading volume of $1.1billion in 2021. With this listing, ABEY token will be accessible to over 800,000 users in more than 100 countries. Holders can trade, utbyta, and speculate on the token within a safe and regulated environment.

ABEY token has posed an impressive investment return of over 400% since its first public listing on ZBX.one exchange in 2020. Initially trading for around $0.61, the token is now trading for around $2.50 at the time of publication.

With this new listing, ABEY token is on the right track to continue its upward price trajectory as it gains exposure to Liquids massive user base. This growth is also spurred by the fast-rising development of the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem.

A Next-generation blockchain ecosystem

ABEYCHAIN is one of the worlds fastest growing blockchain networks with over 100,000 users. It is a third-generation public blockchain that integrates a hybrid consensus system to resolve scalability, decentralization, and efficiency problems.

ABEYCHAIN users can count on high-speed transactions, cross-chain interoperability, and a growing base of decentralized applications (dApps) within a fast-expanding ecosystem. It is also ideal for developers to build applications with its blockchain architecture able to accommodate 10,000 TPS.

För övrigt, a variety of high-quality cryptocurrency assets from other blockchains can be seamlessly transferred or processed through ABEYCHAIN without experiencing any significant delays.

Its ecosystem consists of a wide range of products that are designed to ensure great value for users. XSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap between supported assets. Crypto assets created on ABEYCHAIN can be listed on the exchange and traded for other assets at no extra costs making it significantly better than other options in the crypto market.

För övrigt, the DEX features advanced trading tools and also integrates DeFi products like yield farming, stakning, utlåning, och mer.

ABEYCHAIN also has its native stablecoin called aCash Token (SPELA TEATER). The stablecoin is pegged 1:1 to the USDT and has a unique mining mechanism. ACT is mined when users purchase the token and burned when it is converted to other crypto-assets. This mechanism ensures that its peg is maintained.

Other features include the ABEYCHAIN Storage Network, a decentralized storage system that delivers high-quality data storage for users. Storage miners are incentivized with its unique token AST (ABEY Storage Token) that can be exchanged for Filecoin at a 1:1 parity.

The ABEYCHAIN 2.0 NFT marketplace appeals to NFT enthusiasts and provides an environment for users to explore the NFT sector. För övrigt, artists can list their NFT creations for visibility and auction their collections.

More developments in the future

The ABEYCHAIN Foundation fosters the blockchains development, governance, and research. The organization has revealed that more products are in the works. För övrigt, ABEY token will also be listed on more exchanges to ensure greater token adoption.

Apart from Liquid Global, ABEY Token can be traded on www.zbx.com och www.zbx.plus.

To learn more about ABEY blockchain, visit the website at www.abey.com.

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