ZOGI Token Launches on Cronos, BNB Chain and Ethereum With Revolutionary Wrapper

Dubaj, December 9th Zogi Labs, a pioneering crypto company & gaming studio famously known for the BEZOGE token and the up-and-coming crypto-based MMORPG, The Legends of Bezogia today launches their new ZOGI token on Cronos, BNB Chain & Ethereum. The ZOGI token is a wrapped version of the primary BEZOGE token optimized for the Zogi Labs decentralized ecosystem. From day one of launch, ZOGI will be available on Cronos, BNB Chain & Ethereum, rapidly boosting the exposure of the token which can now be wrapped and moved between chains instantly, with very low gas fees using the upcoming Zogi Bridge.

With the launch of ZOGI on Cronos, BNB Chain & Ethereum, we’re taking our native token BEZOGE to the next level by allowing users to wrap their BEZOGE into ZOGI and bridge it quickly and securely between chains. ZOGI expands our ecosystem to multiple chains, and we expect to see massive growth and exposure, giving our dedicated community the flexibility they need to increase the utility of their BEZOGE & ZOGI tokens.” Steve Murray, CEO, Zogi Labs

Wrap & bridge in Zogi Hub

The Zogi Hub acts as a portal for everything Zogi. Within the decentralized application, users will be able to access all Zogi products in one place, with the Wrapper and Bridge being available first.

Wrapping allows BEZOGE holders to wrap their tokens into ZOGI at a 1 do 1 billion ratio. ZOGI can then be bridged to one of the new chains (Chronos / Ethereum / BNB Chain) using the fast & secure Zogi Bridge. The bridge, developed in-house gives Zogi holders total control over the bridging process, maximizing security and transparency with every transaction, letting customers bridge between chains with ease and comfort in a single click.

Why ZOGI is good for BEZOGE holders

The launch of ZOGI gives current and new BEZOGE holders the flexibility to hold their tokens on three different chains, as opposed to just one. With the goal of being chain agnostic, multi-chain ZOGI presents holders with the following benefits:

  • Lower gas fees.
  • Enhanced flexibility.
  • Access to new ecosystems, each chain has its own unique user base.
  • More chains to be supported in the near future.

The only way to mint ZOGI is by locking BEZOGE into the wrapping contract, ZOGI can also be unwrapped at the same rate so that users can reap the benefits of both tokens.

Learn more about how ZOGI works by reading the full whitepaper.

Click to buy ZOGI on Cronos

Click to buy ZOGI on BNB Chain

Click to buy ZOGI on Ethereum

For more information on Zogi Labs please visit http://www.zogilabs.io.

Press Contact

press@bezoge.com / Malcolm Russell


About Zogi Labs Ltd.:

Founded in 2021, Zogi Labs Ltd, previously known as Bezoge Earth, under the game title of The Legends of Bezogia is an emerging cross-platform MMORPG play & earn blockchain game, available in beta on PC, with support for iOS and Android devices coming soon.


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