Yellen Says US Could Back All Deposits at Smaller Banks if Needed to Prevent Contagion

ZDA. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the federal government could guarantee all deposits of smaller banks if theysuffer deposit runs that pose the risk of contagion.The government recently protected all deposits of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank after

US Lawmaker Urges Government to Guarantee All Deposits to Avoid Runs on Smaller Banks

A U.S. congressman has urged the federal government to temporarily insure every bank deposit in the country. Following the collapses of several major banks, he stressed that if the government does not do this, there will be a run on smaller

Poročilo: Silicon Valley Bank Under FDIC Auction as Calls for Bailout Grow

ZDA. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) began an auction process for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) late Saturday night, according to reports. Final bids are due by Sunday afternoon. Unnamed sources indicate that the FDIC is seeking to close the deal

Coin Center Sues US Treasury Over Tornado Cash Ban — Lawsuit Says Government’s Action ‘Was Unlawful’

The non-profit that focuses on policy issues facing cryptocurrencies, Coin Center, has filed a lawsuit against the Treasury department, the secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) director Andrea Gacki. Coin Centers court filing

US Lawmakers Introduce Bill Allowing Crypto Investments in 401(k) Retirement Plans

Več ameriških. lawmakers have introduced the Retirement Savings Modernization Act to provide 401(k) retirement savers access to a wide range of investments, including crypto assets. “With inflation at record highs, a stock market downturn, and a potential recession on the horizon,…

Despite the White House Debate, Critics Insist US Officially in a Recession After 2 Consecutive Quarters of Negative GDP Growth

ZDA. economy has declined for the second-straight quarter as the countrys gross domestic product (GDP) declined by 0.9% in Q2. The Bureau of Economic Analysiss summary of the U.S. GDP follows the recent debate over the technical definition of a

Biden Administration Accused of Propaganda and ‘Redefining’ a Recession’s Technical Definition

After people have accused bureaucrats and government agencies of changing definitions during the last few years, Joe Biden’s administration now claims that a second consecutive quarter of negative gross domestic product (GDP) does not indicate the U.S. is in a recession….

Predsednik SEC Gensler opozarja, da bo veliko kripto žetonov propadlo po LUNA, Zrušitev UST

Predsednik U.S. Komisija za vrednostne papirje in borzo (SEC), Gary Gensler, je opozoril, da bo veliko kripto žetonov propadlo in da bodo številni vlagatelji v kripto oškodovani po propadu terra (LUNA) in stablecoin terrausd (UST). SEC Chair

Ministrica za finance Yellen pravi, da bi morala kripto regulativa podpirati odgovorne inovacije, Upravljajte tveganja

Treasury Secretary Yellen says the regulatory frameworks for crypto assets in the U.S. shouldsupport responsible innovation while managing risks.She emphasized, “Regulation should be based on risks and activities, not specific technologies.Treasury Secretary Yellen on Crypto Regulation U.S. Zakladnica…

ameriški senator: "America Competes Act" je neposreden napad na kripto industrijo, Vlada izbira zmagovalce in poražence

ZDA. Senator Cynthia Lummis says that the recently introducedAmerica Competes Act of 2022is a direct attack on the crypto industry. “I will not stand by and let the heavy hand of the government pick winners and losers,” she stressed….